It’s a Wrap: Let’s Review and Reflect


It’s been wonderful to adventure together for the past 30 days. I love hosting consciousness shifting and life activation events. It is my honor and joy to guide you through the grand adventure. I trust you are feeling more embodied with your self care, and even masterful! I’ve hosted around 14 of these 30-Day Events in…

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How to Embrace the Magic of Endings and Beginnings

Alexandre Alacchi - Nature

Life is a continual cycle of endings and beginnings. This ‘let go and begin again’ is something we should be quite practiced in by now.  Beginnings are exciting. They’re full of promise, excitement, and an opportunity for change, but greeting the new also means saying goodbye to what you know. Saying goodbye to old habits, brings up the…

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What to Do When Things Fall Apart


Self care is the beginning of a lifelong adventure. We have only just begun! You awaken to the majesty of life and your unique part in it. You stop treating yourself as an afterthought and begin to cherish yourself on a regular basis. You become as precious as those people and things you value most.  You start…

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5 Reasons Nature is Good For You

Alice Popkorn - Painted Summer

Rambling rivers and towering trees, colorful canyons and babbling brooks, stirring up those images alone feels wonderful. Remember the last time you were in a natural environment – whether you were visiting a national forest, a beach or lake, or your own local park – didn’t the rapture of it leave you speechless? Nature calms the chaos, stirs your heart…

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7 Gifts of Creatively Conscious Community

power of community

For a very long time I prided myself on being a solo adventurer, a lone wolf. I relished the feel of moving about my world unencumbered by the expectations and needs of others. I longed for the leeway to find and follow my own inner voice. But the deeper I delved into the evolution of…

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