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Open Completely

How often have you bought into the illusion of certainty and safety in your world? Though at first it may give you a certain degree of comfort, it soon becomes a prison from which there is no escape.

The paradox of  being an evolving human is that you crave security, while coming alive with risk. It is in your DNA ‘to boldly go where no man has gone before.' The species would not have survived if  the yearning to experience more were not firmly entrenched at the cellular level.

Yet ‘being more' requires the letting go of what you know, of who you have been until this moment. It demands the relinquishing of safety nets. It begs to break the rules. And still you want to hear a soothing voice that guarantees you will remain intact. This tightrope of trust must be navigated to fully engage life and activate your burgeoning potential.

Relentless trust is accessed from your deep knowing, not your intellect. The inner resources nourish and sustain you as you dive beyond the edge of experience. However, in order to ‘know' with any kind of certainty you must connect to your sensing and feeling nature. How can you do that if you are unwilling to surrender what you have acquired intellectually? The magic, the discovery, the miracles are never birthed from the intellect, they arise outside of the framework of what you ‘know.'

Perhaps this quandary is a result of  the  disconnection from your true essence. Early on an experience may have occurred that propelled you into self preservation separation. Maybe this capacity to feel and sense immensely was a burden and not a blessing.  Without even realizing it, little by little,  you hardened your heart , buried your brilliance and disconnected from your true power source until one day you discovered there was nobody home!

The time is now to come home to your creative essence, your highly aware nature, your superconnective being. Open completely and partner with life.

~ ~ ~

Love comes with a knife,
not some shy question.
And not with fears for its reputation!

Love is a madman working his wild schemes,
tearing off his clothes, running through the mountains,
drinking poison and quietly choosing annihilation.

You've been walking the ocean's edge,
holding up your robes to keep them dry.
You must dive naked under, and deeper under,
a thousand times deeper and deeper under.

Love flows down, love flows down.
The ground submits to the sky and
suffers what comes down, love flows.

Tell me, is the earth worse for giving in like that?
Don't put blankets over the drum.
Open completely.


Image: Fly My Friend, Jody McNary

The Continuum of Emotion

Emotions are energetic messengers.

If you imagine energy,  as information existing on a continuum, at the quantum level emotions are encapsulated potential. They are the energy of ‘something' wanting to come into being through you.

Since this impulse of intelligence wants to come into physical creation, it captures your attention wholeheartedly. Emotions, if nothing else, engage every aspect of your being, a divine strategy that ensures you have the appropriate fuel to manifest possibility.

Pick an example from your own life, preferably something that is activated in you at this moment.Notice your initial impression of emotion. Most likely it will be connected to a story. “I'm feeling ‘x' because ‘y' did ‘z'.” Or, my most favorite version, “I am feeling ‘x' because ‘y' isn't ‘z.' Get my drift?

Now, take a deep belly breath, the kind of breath that engages your body and your being. There's a fullness and an expansion present, so much so, that your energy spills through your skin and ripples into the room and  into infinity. Notice how your perspective has changed. Travel the continuum of light, which is also information vibing at an extremely high frequency, and notice the potential of this emotion from this vantage point. Different, yes?

Remember that you always have the option to travel the continuum of energy, dive past the surface appearance, explore the profound potential and ripple potential into creation.

Here's the other thing about emotions which is really crucial on the collective adventure: Emotions are viral. That's right, you can catch them. Whether it's Dr. Emoto's exploration of charging water with the energy of positive words or Mother's Theresa compassionate presence, your emotions are powerful purifiers of energy that ripple reality into resonance.

So . . . are you a good witch, or a bad witch? Choose.

Image: Larry Carlson

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