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The High Cost of Not Being You

Remember a time when you pretended to be who you were not. Notice what happens when you take on another layer of ‘not you.' It makes your life a LOT more complicated. It takes a lot of energy to keep up the front, doesn't it?

The problem with living with lies, the big ones or the little ones, is the baggage buildup. The web of deceit chokes the life out of your essence and clutters the pathway to your brilliance.

These times of sudden changes and chaotic rumblings, require an economy of energy. You can't afford to use your most precious resources as scaffolding for a fractured experience. Notice that these roles and habits do not contribute to your wholeness, on the contrary they shatter your connection to the source of your well being.

The good news is that every time you are willing to surrender your thoughts, feelings and perceptions on the altar of what's true, the gift is always crystal clear awareness.  And in awareness you are home, whole, boundless, and free… right now.

What Message Moves You?

Are you crystal clear on the message that moves you? If you look at the problems in the world, that you really care about, chances are that you'll find at least ONE that you're passionate enough about and willing to take action on.

Perhaps you don't see yourself as a Mother Theresa or a Martin Luther King, but I can assure you that you DO have a movement. There IS something that wants to come through you uniquely and it won't get done by anyone else but YOU. Your circle of influence may be your family, community or world stage, but you do have an impact.

No pressure intended, but the truth is that when you feel an urge to flow, to create, to lead it is because you are equipped to do so. You wouldn't get the vision, the idea, the longing if it weren't so.

How do you know if you've tapped into your message?

1. There is an unending stream of hyper-creativity. You can't capture the multitude of ideas that are streaming through you simultaneously. Many mistakenly believe that they are scattered and unfocused. In truth, hyper-creation is an indication of a mega-movement. It means that you need the collaboration of others to bring it into being.

2. You experience sustained states of extraordinarily high energy. You accomplish a lot,  caught in the embrace of timelessness, and still feel buoyantly energetic. You feel like a renewable energy source. Your sleep cycle shortens or is erratic.

3. It is a living message. There is a dynamic feel to it, it is a co-creative adventure. It evolves as you begin to put it into play. There is a newness to it. The promise of something that has never been before.

4. It is magnetic and irresistible. You can't NOT do it. You won't even consider it. Others may wonder at your persistence, but it's really that the energy of the message is compelling. It fills your being, overtakes your waking moments, and even your dreams. It can almost feel like you are possessed by it.

5. Your life is abundant. Whether it's money to acquire the means to grow your vision or the resources aligning just as you need them, everything that you need comes your way as if guided by an unseen hand. You feel supported by life and eager to share the message with everyone that wants to hear.

More often than not, it is the habitual tendency to wait for the ‘right' moment or until  you are ‘ready' that creates a barrier to manifesting your movement. The putting off of your power may indicate an underlying need to be safe, rather than risk being wrong. Make no mistake about it, people will make you wrong when you have a strong message and a vibrant movement. It just won't matter!

If your message does not totally take you over, consider that you may have settled for the surface of what's possible. Choose again. Tap into your passion and purpose. Bring your vision to Life.