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How to Shift Your Money Story

When the money conversation shows up in your world what's your initial response? Are you fearful or joyful? Do you get excited to share what you know or do you avoid the conversation entirely? Your default response to a money chat gives you a lot of information about your money story… the thoughts and beliefs you have around money.

Your story isn't right or wrong. It's a story. It's probably not even your story, but the thoughts and beliefs that have been passed onto you by those you trusted, and cared for, most. The outcome of that story will bring specific results. If you don't like the results, you need to change the story. It requires your focus and practice. The good news is that it's totally do-able.

One of the things that brought my own money story to light was when I started my own business. It was the perfect storm to illustrate my own thoughts about money. It was also an opportunity to rewrite the money story. Think back to your own perfect storm. What did you learn about your relationship with money? Take 5 minutes to write down what you discovered. (We'll use the information you gleaned in the exercise below.)

Although it might be tempting to make this conversation about money, it isn't. Money is an energy of exchange. It is about flow, your flow to be exact. When money is scarce, so is access to your flow.

4 Practices to Shift Your Money Story

One of the paradoxes of abundant cash flow is that the more you ‘need’ money, the less it graces your world. The more you focus on money as your outcome, the less that money manifests in your world. Don't focus only on the money, focus on the flow.

1. Rewrite Your Money Story. Write our your current money story, in exquisite detail. Make sure that you capture your feelings about your money situation too. Now re-write your money story so that you are experiencing the abundance you desire. Include how you feel. This is very important. Spend 5 minutes each day, or more, experiencing your new money story.

2. Add to Your Money Jar. Get a big jar and put money into it every day, even if it's only coins. Sing a little money song, “Money grows and money flows! Money gush, oh what a rush!” Have fun, be silly, enjoy watching your money grow and flow. When it fills up put it into your savings.

3. Shift to Your Abundance Mindset. Throughout the day tune into the thoughts sifting through your mind. Are they focused on flow or scarcity? Flip the switch by finding something to be grateful for in the moment. Feel the abundance that flows towards you. Now send that flow back out with your gratitude. The trick is to be part of the flow formula. 

4. Practice Ask/Receive. One of the barriers to abundance might be that you're out of practice with asking and receiving. Most of us were trained to be self sufficient. It's a quality that is praised. It does not mean that you get to do it alone. Abundance doesn't work in isolation. One of the best ways to increase your flow is to ask for what you want or need, then receive gracefully. Make sure to show appreciation. It closes the circle and completes the energy of abundance. If there's ONE practice that I recommend over all others. It's this one. There is power in asking for what you want. There is grace in receiving the abundance of the Universe. Avail yourself of both of these gifts. 

As you give time to these practices you will begin to experience insights and a ha's. You will clearly see your choices and be free to make new ones. As you make new choices you create a new money story, one of freedom, flow and abundance.

Spend most of your time on noticing, and appreciating, what you DO have. The more you focus on the flow in your world, the more everything flows in your world … including money.




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How to Increase Your Energy with the 3 Primary Nutrients

Chances are you’ve spent a LOT of time deliberating on the ‘right’ food to eat. After all, your well being relies on your eating a healthy diet. But what is a healthy diet?

• Low fat?
• Low glycemic?
• Organic?
• Fresh and locally grown?
• Gluten free?
• Low carb?
• High protein?
• Vegetarian?
• Vegan?
• Raw?

You get the picture, right? An search for diet books resulted in 182,659 books. That’s a lot of opinions on the right diet. You’ll be very busy trying to keep up with all the theories and expert recommendations. And you still might not get there.

As a personal trainer, and holistic health counselor, I experimented with many dietary theories. Here's one of the things I noticed, most of us have been taught to focus on food as our primary nutrient but it’s not the whole picture.

The 3 Primary Nutrients

Energy PyramidWhether you were born in the Sudan or Switzerland, Great Britain or Guyana, there are 3 primary nutrients that are essential to life. You can live without …

air for 3 minutes
water for 3 days
food for 3 weeks

If you look at your primary nutrients from this perspective you can see that …

Primary nourishment comes from air
Secondary nourishment comes from water
Tertiary nourishment comes from food

Consider that your primary nutrients (physical energy sources) have a corresponding frequency which can be viewed as: body/mind/soul, physical/mental/spiritual, effect/cause/energy. (Pick your paradigm.)

And … what if some of the imbalances that we experience could be more readily remedied if we approached a health strategy that made use of all 3 primary nutrients.

When viewed in this way you can see that there are more sources of nourishment than you initially might have imagined. For example, if we're looking at secondary nourishment, you can add more water to your diet and you can also remove some structure from your schedule and allow for more flow in your workday.

We'll explore the other energy sources more deeply, but for now let's get some practice on enhancing your energy using physical nourishment:

Enhance Your Physical Energy Sources

Here are three practices to boost your energy and provide long term fuel for your self care:

  1. Take Breath Breaks. Start a daily breath practice. For now, focus on the inflow/outflow of your breath throughout the day.  Just take a pause and practice noticing your breath.
  2. Start Your Day with Water. Start with a glass of water with lemon first thing in the morning, and wait 15 to 30 minutes to have breakfast. It reduces inflammation, aids digestion, cleanses your system and helps you lose weight.
  3. Add High Quality Food. Your goal should be to eat the freshest and highest quality food. Locally grown and organic are ideal. Avoid genetically modified food and ones that have been treated with pesticides. Check out your local farmer's market for fresh produce.

I've experimented with a lot of diets and dietary theories. As in all things, my suggestion is to be guided from within on choosing the energy sources for you right now. The more you do this the more you dynamically design your diet, you eat intuitively knowing what's right for you in the moment.

Today, more than ever, it’s important that you learn what’s right for you and take responsibility for your own well being. Change your energy sources and you change what’s possible in your world, beginning with your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. That’s a great foundation to build an extraordinary life.

We are all functioning at a small fraction of our capacity to live life fully in its total meaning of loving, caring, creating, and adventuring. Consequently, the actualizing of our potential can become the most exciting adventure of our lifetime.
~ Herbert A. Otto

As you do so, you impact those around you. The more this becomes the norm for most of us, the sooner it becomes the norm for all of us.




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