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10 Things to Lift You Up When You’re Feeling Down

There are dips on the adventure of Life. Unforeseen challenges arise and problems rear their razor backed edge. You make plans. You try new things, or you're just ambling along having a mighty fine time when the floor drops.  You're going to fail, make mistakes, and sometimes you're not going to feel good about it.

How can you navigate the playground of the dips you encounter on the Life adventure?

You can choose to be more self aware. You can notice the blessings and the possibilities. You can design your life on the go, instead of letting it be defined by your problems.

People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them.
~ Epictetus

Everyone experiences moments, or even days, when you're just not your sparkly self. Here are 10 things sure to lift you up when you're feeling down:

1. Go On An Artist Date. This concept was popularized by author Julia Cameron of The Artist's Way. It's a solo expedition to explore something that interests you. Think artsy, fun, playful, imaginative, impromptu. As a practice it helps restore your inner wellspring of creativity which is sure to come in handy when you're in a dip.

2. Hang Out With High Vibing People.  When you're not feeling great it's really important to surround yourself with people who will love you and lift you up. When you spend time with critics and complainers it's an energy downer.  Whether it's family, friends, or trusted colleagues surround yourself with folks who have a positive perspective, encourage and motivate you.

3. Move Your Body. One of the best ways to pick yourself up when you’re having a rough day is to get your blood and energy in circulation. Go outside and take a walk. Ride your bike around the block. Go to the gym. Dance around the house. Get up, get moving, and get with it. Movement is a mood enhancer and feels good too.

4. Take Deep Breaths. Focusing on your breathing may not sound like much, but it can make a world of difference if you’re feeling down. Spend a few minutes focusing on nothing except your breath. Take long, slow breaths and release the heavy thoughts on each exhale. Shifting your breath shifts your emotions. That's a great start to get you out of that self dug hole.

5. Read a Good Book. Don't read a self help book, read a good novel instead. Losing yourself in a good story or identifying with a powerful character will boost your confidence and fill you with a sense of adventure. It also flexes your imagination muscle and helps spark your creativity (and possible solutions for what's weighing you down).

6. Do A Spring Cleaning (Now). Getting rid of clutter can clear not only your physical space but also your inner space. Comb through your closet, books, appliances, junk drawers and bathroom. Let it go. Not only will your mood lift, you’ll have more energy for the stuff that really needs your attention right now.

7. Write, Draw, Paint, Dance, Sculpt. Writing is usually the first thing I do when I’m feeling down. It always helps to get my thoughts and feelings down on paper. Oftentimes just reading what I've written is enough for a re-frame. If writing isn't your thing, do your thing whatever that is. Creative expression is one of the ways in which we can make sense of our life struggles and challenges.

8. Help Someone. There are two benefits here: First, the time you spend on the activity (cooking dinner, running an errand, whatever) is precious time away from whatever is bothering you. Second, the sense of accomplishment boosts your energy, and so does the gratitude of the person eating your home made chicken soup.

9. Watch a Funny Movie. When you're in the thick of feeling low, it can feel like your whole life sucks. Sometimes you just need to take a break to gain some perspective. How you’re feeling right now is one tiny moment out of the thousands you will experience. Sadness is temporary. Pain passes. Pick yourself up by watching your favorite comedian, funny movie or YouTube video.

10. Give or Get a Hug. Hugs build trust and a sense of safety. Hugs can instantly boost oxytocin levels, which heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger. Holding a hug for an extended time lifts one's serotonin levels, elevating mood and creating happiness. Hugs strengthen the immune system and strengthen self esteem. Hugs are SO good for you and they feel awesome.

When you're feeling down it can feel all encompassing. It can color your whole world, if you let it. If you're still struggling, ask yourself this question: Will this matter in 5 years? The answer is almost always no. It's all a matter of perspective. Why sweat the momentary dips?

The secret of joy is the mastery of pain.
~ Anais Nin

Challenging situations open us up to extraordinary opportunities. I've been softened AND strengthened by the dips as much as the heights. Sometimes both are required (from someone who continues to experience an extraordinary amount of dips in her world).

Lighten Up. Enjoy the adventure. It's the only one you have.




PS Ready to lift yourself out of a dip?

Image: Leland Francisco, Moves the Hand

Making a Living or Making a Life?

It's hard to avoid the ‘reality' of the need for cash flow, right? I mean you need to have a home and food and pay your utility bills. Then there's the car and the cable and the kids activities.

It's not really surprising that a lot of your activities, and a lot of your energy, are locked up in ‘making money.' Ostensibly, to eventually make the life you ‘really' want.

This uber-focus on making a living delays living your ‘life'. The things that actually generate energy for you, the things you love to do – dance, paint, write, connect – get pushed to the sidelines. Making money is the priority and everything else – family gatherings, personal passions and social events – takes a back seat.

What often happens is that you find your life compartmentalized and fractured. You lose energy, you get tired, your activity levels drop,  you lose creativity and eventually you may even start experiencing ‘lifestyle' health issues like heart disease and diabetes.

What happens next is straight out of a movie, the movie of your life: there is some kind of breakdown. It's either a breakdown of your work, your family or your health. Though this may initially seem to be bad news it really isn't. It's the only way potential can make it's way into the laser focused pursuit of energy that has gone awry.

As you allow the artificial boundaries between you and the rest of your life to crumble – whether it's your job, your relationship or your money –  you come to understand that there is no separation between you and the rest of your life. You ARE the at cause energy in everything in your life! And in every moment you are the co-creator of your life. This is not a future oriented event. It is occurring in this very moment. So the time to grasp it is at hand.

Here are a few of shifts to reorient your energy to what's true:

1. Loosen your rein on money as the primary focus of your energy. The more you focus on money as a need, the harder it is to draw it to you. It is actually the result of your energy, not the purpose of it.

2. Every day paint the canvas of your world with the fullness of your being. Feel your abundance, the many ways in which you are gifted. Shower your talents and abilities to the world on a daily basis, profusely. Give! Give! Give! . . . because you have so much it's overflowing.

3. Every day energetically magnetize your life into being. They might have called it daydreaming in another time and place. I would add the energetic intention and super-connective qualities to this musing and power up your potential like a rocket.  Find a space and time when you are relaxed and start with feeling the connection to your self and to all that is. Open and allow your broadband sensing to expand capacity. Feel yourself as abundance itself flowing out like a golden luminescent mist. This mist is the tangible gift of your essence, imbued with your message and service. See how the mist touches the faces of all those who are ready to benefit from your being. Feel the mutual exchange of honor and gratitude. Ripple this knowing into creation and know that you will magnetize the ideas, connections and synchronicities in exquisite timing.

Energy is real. Intention is real. Your super-connective nature is real. By design, you are engineered for possibility and co-creation. Be the Being and create not only abundance for yourself but a life that's a living legacy.

Image: My Music Box Dancer, Dancer Dallagio

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