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Choose Your Way

Ever had one of those moments when you made a decision and then you backed out of it? Then you changed your mind again, alternating between yes and no. It seemed that the more you went back and forth, the more you were gripped by uncertainty, the more you were crippled by the internal chaos precipitated by your doubt and confusion.

What if the problem with this equation were that you were coming from the energetic of  decision instead of choice? Decision comes from your intellect, you have a menu of options and you select the one that's best, depending on what you'd like as the desired outcome. It's a surface engagement that relies on your history, experience and reasoning.

Often you know when you've made a decision because there's lots of hemming and hawing. Lots of ‘this or that.'  There may even be a calculation of risk to ensure minimal impact.Perhaps it's that you haven't made a choice, it's that you don't want to experience the results of your decision.

Choice comes from your knowing. It is an act of power that results from a being of sovereignty. You choose because you can and because you feel compelled to do so. It's a deep engagement,an irresistible power, that arises from within you.

These different levels of engagement give rise to different possibilities. You are not a pre-packaged entity, out of the box with assembly instructions and a care manual. You are a dynamic being come to life. You are in continuous evolution through your choice of action. You are the result of millions of choices. Shape your life here and now, your way.


Image: Happiness is Only Real When Shared, Tipiro

Being Sourced Authentically

If you're having trouble with your business,  marketing, copy, your relationship, your weight, your whatever  . . . it's because your movement is not being sourced authentically. Everything is a movement, because everything is energy and is in flux.

Yet a movement has a beginning, perhaps a crescendo, and an end. Think of a wave rising out from it's brother and sister droplets forming a massive wall of water, reaching it's peak and then crashing onto the shore. Yeah, it's like that.

A movement has purpose, it is sourced powerfully to propel it into being and it completes as the energy of fullness comes to a close. You've had millions of these experiences in your lifetime. You know them. There is a synchronous dance, a union with, that is glorious no matter what the context. You are in constant concert with life, and your movements have a dancer's grace, whether they're physical or not. The flow is serendipitous and you move with unequaled focus, driven by a force that is guiding you purposefully.

Is it any wonder then that you can't show up unless you're sourced authentically? You're not in flow with the movement, you're not being propelled. When you try to move, it's not sourced, so it feels like you're forcing and pushing. It doesn't matter what external indicators may be telling you to move, you cannot. Your creativity is on hiatus, the words don't flow, the plan sits beautifully diagrammed on your desk – mind maps, outlines, blueprints – and you can't lift a finger to bring it into being.

Don't bother, I say! Why do it when it's not being birthed from the source that breathes inspiration into being. I know this goes against the grain, rails against the norm, but there you have it. You are a magnificent co-creator and you cannot bring life to anything without your partner . . . Source . . . Life . . . Creation . . . God  Call ‘it' what you will, the name changes in time and space. You KNOW the energy of it. It has been your constant companion, woven into the fabric of your cells from your very first sparking into being.

Don't deny what you know, live in the flow.