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Surrender Your Resistance

Resistance is a sign of separation. You are pushing away what is seeking your engagement.

What is seeking your engagement is potential, the natural, irrepressible dance of life. Ultimately, resistance is ‘personal.' It's all about the little ‘you,' not the super-connected, streaming you. Not the collaborative co-creator with life.

When you're in the realm of ‘the personal' it's all so significant. It's all so important. This is the dogma and drama zone. The “I'm right, you're wrong” dance. And it is oh so predictably boring. It leads to more separation, more of what is not true.

This living in what is not true is painful, constrictive, so out of alignment with your essential nature. It is heavy and thick with low level emotions and limited vision. The channels of interconnection are diminished and there is very little access to your essence.

“Man has nothing else to do but surrender — in deep trust, in deep love. Don’t be a doer, just surrender. Let there be a let-go.” Osho

The good news is that resistance clearly spells out, screams out, the potential for Surrender. Surrender is a dynamic power tool. It is an opening, an exploration, of what's more. As you engage the pockets of resistance in your world and surrender them on the altar of exploration you come to know that surrender is a pathway to mystery and mastery.

Surrender your resistance and step into the alivening stream of life.

Image: At the end of the tunnel, Sam Illic

Perfect Timing Anyone?

Is timing a divine element or do you have something to do with the occurrence of alignment? That's like the question, “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” Could ‘perfect timing' be the result of consistent inspired action?

What if by your very engagement of life, by stepping into your ‘yes,' you are creating the pathway to the elements of ‘perfect timing.'

Your attention is a manifestation tool. Your focus, like a sculptors tools, shapes your intention and brings it into being. Like Michelangelo, carving away the excess stone to bring his David to life, you too are shaping energy and intention to create your master work.

Every time you channel the energy of your intentions into inspired action, you open to the magical field of cosmic co-creation!

Let's consider your partnership in creating perfect timing:

1. Don't wait for the planets to align, claim your co-creative nature. Breathe, Relax, Expand. Connect to your essence, connect to your tribe, connect to ‘all that is.' Superconnect!

2. Magnetize your intentions regularly.Your intentions won't come into being with an occasional visit. Pull out your frequent flyer card and travel often. At times you may find the call to magnetize throughout the day.

3. Step into inspired action consistently. Act on your inklings, even if they seem somewhat vague. As you take action, things become clearer and your intention takes form.

There is no blueprint, map or handbook for bringing your intention to life. Life answers the call for co-creation as you dynamically say yes and follow through with inspired action. When you are in constant connection with the energy of your intention and you own your co-creative nature,  you are a living alchemist and creation partners with you over and over and over. Life is then full of endless moments of ‘perfect timing.'

Image: Evolution, Kevin Dooley