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The Continuum of Emotion

Emotions are energetic messengers.

If you imagine energy,  as information existing on a continuum, at the quantum level emotions are encapsulated potential. They are the energy of ‘something' wanting to come into being through you.

Since this impulse of intelligence wants to come into physical creation, it captures your attention wholeheartedly. Emotions, if nothing else, engage every aspect of your being, a divine strategy that ensures you have the appropriate fuel to manifest possibility.

Pick an example from your own life, preferably something that is activated in you at this moment.Notice your initial impression of emotion. Most likely it will be connected to a story. “I'm feeling ‘x' because ‘y' did ‘z'.” Or, my most favorite version, “I am feeling ‘x' because ‘y' isn't ‘z.' Get my drift?

Now, take a deep belly breath, the kind of breath that engages your body and your being. There's a fullness and an expansion present, so much so, that your energy spills through your skin and ripples into the room and  into infinity. Notice how your perspective has changed. Travel the continuum of light, which is also information vibing at an extremely high frequency, and notice the potential of this emotion from this vantage point. Different, yes?

Remember that you always have the option to travel the continuum of energy, dive past the surface appearance, explore the profound potential and ripple potential into creation.

Here's the other thing about emotions which is really crucial on the collective adventure: Emotions are viral. That's right, you can catch them. Whether it's Dr. Emoto's exploration of charging water with the energy of positive words or Mother's Theresa compassionate presence, your emotions are powerful purifiers of energy that ripple reality into resonance.

So . . . are you a good witch, or a bad witch? Choose.

Image: Larry Carlson

The Timeless Zone

Have you noticed that depending on your level of energy engagement time expands or compresses, maybe both?

I was recently asked by one of my colleagues how I managed to do so much all by myself. She was referring to the telesummit events I host. I checked in and in truth some of it has already been integrated so that it's pretty easy and automatic – from honing in on and approaching speakers to setting up the opt-in page, the offer letter, products and autoresponders.

However, I have the capacity to get a lot done in a very short amount of time. The current telesummit has taken me two weeks to put together.

When you've got something to do, and the energy is aligned, that means the people, places and things are available and accessible right now. That goes for you too. Abilities and capacities show up to get the job done that you may not have realized were so fully within your grasp. You are in full hyper-creational activation. Time expands and compresses and you are in a zone of full engagement. Your energy pours abundantly and magic happens. All of a sudden you stop, spent AND energized, and notice that you are done.

Don't assume that the old rules apply anymore. They don't! Time is true within a certain context. But ah, the timeless is a totally different paradigm. Yeah, the Timeless Zone, bring it on!

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