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A Mystical Life

What if it were possible to transcend the mundane and access a mystical life?

A mystic is one who, above all else in life, desires to Know, not intellectually but experientially, the deepest Truth of existence. This way of Being is way beyond the surface murmurings of ordinary living. It demands depth of engagement and a yearning for full immersion in the Ecstatic. Mysticism is about how you can come to live within the fullness of your True nature, here and now.

Think of some well known mystics – Hildegard von Bingen, Rumi, St Theresa of Avila, Kabir  – their lives were spent seeking the ecstatic communion with the essence of ‘God.' Their writings speak of ‘God' as if he were a lover or beloved, so total was their commitment to experiencing the divine in their physical experience.

So too, can you welcome the mystical perspective into your mundane moments and magically shift what's possible.

The essence of prayer, even of a mystical experience, is the way we are altered to see everything from its life-filled dimension. Matthew Fox

The boundless possibility that awaits you in this moment is to see everything in life from this mystical perspective. Everything is alive and seeking your engagement. In seeing the magic, you bring possibility into being. Your seeing and being create a New You and a New World.

Radical Awakening with Arjuna Ardagh

Arjuna Ardagh is an awakening coach, he is the author of 7 books, including the 2005 bestseller, “Translucent Revolution.”  Arjuna is also the founder of the Living Essence Foundation, an organization which exists to celebrate and support the shifting global consciousness from separation to oneness.

Arjuna Ardagh talks about Radical awakening, which according to him is ‘essentially where we shift from being preoccupied with thoughts and feelings and shifting and changing experiences in our outer world. We shift from that to the recognition of who we are or what we are which is experiencing these things.’  His latest book, Leap Before you Look, offers 72 exercises on how to practice this shift.

He quotes Albert Einstein:  You cannot solve any problem in the same state of consciousness in which it was created.

Wise advice for the world today as we face all of the challenges and crises stemming from systems that just frankly aren’t working for us anymore.  In the midst of a fundamental breakdown there is tremendous potential for something new and powerful to be created. 

Ardagh reflects, ‘It is a beautiful time to live’. He is seeing many, many people becoming more open to shifting focus away from all of the changing events around them to what is constant – the “I” underneath all the layers of thoughts and sensations and activities.  In fact, it takes an upheaval or low point for many to be open to this kind of investigation- to have a desire for change in themselves in addition to external desires.

Some key points not to miss:

  • The radical awakening positioned in today’s political context
  • Learn how Ardagh’s method is distinct from traditional meditation
  • Be the experience.  Participate in a guided exercise led by Ardagh
  • Beyond individual practice, how coaching may help facilitate this type of shift
  • For coaches, suggestions on how to partner with corporate management – working directly with people that have the power to influence change.

Arjuna Ardagh is an author, speaker and founder of the Awakening Coaching Training in Nevada City, California, a training program dedicated to "the awakening of consciousness within the context of ordinary life."

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