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Rest in Being

Sitting quietly, feel what sits there.
Explore the body you sit in.

Observe the scintillating field of
sensation we call the body. Notice
sensation's wordless quality.
Its sense of simply being
humming through the body.

Go within sensation to that
subtle presence by which the
sensation is known. Feel the
sensation within sensation.
Settle into that sense of being,
of aliveness vibrating in each cell.

Rest in being.
Just sit quietly and know.
Let awareness sink into yourself.
Know what knows.
Experience directly that sense
by which you imagine you exist.
Enter it wholeheartedly.
Sit in the center of that hum.

Does it have a beginning?
Does it have an ending?
Or is there just a sense of endless
being, unborn and undying?
Don't ask the mind, which always
limits itself with definitions, ask the
heart, which cannot name it but
always is it.
Rest in being.

Josh Baran, former Zen Priest
365 Nirvana Here And Now: Living Every Moment In Enlightenment

Writing Prompts: 

I sit quietly…

In the center I am …

I feel the hum …