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"What if you could shift from being affected by all the energy around you to mastering your energy and being the leading edge of it...

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Adela Rubio's Energy Mastery Training
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"Do you sometimes feel like your hypersensitivity to people and places knocks you off balance and leaves your energy floundering?

If you're energetically aware or deeply conscious you can bet that your high level sensing at some point has felt like a burden. Let's face it, it can feel unsettling, not to mention jarring, to FEEL so much.

What if it wasn't a minus, but actually a plus?

On this call you will learn:

  • Why You Must Master Your Energy Focus, Plus How To Do It In Minutes, not Years

  • 7 Powerful Ways to Master Your Energy and Unleash Your HyperCreative Nature (some of these energy mastery techniques are right under your nose)

  • Discover The Single Tool Which Delivers an Instant Energy Upgrade, Easily and Effectively

  • How to Shift from the Energy of Healing to the Quantum Energy of Transformation

  • How I Went from Being at the Effect of My Emotions to Activating Their Potential (This One Technique alone will shave decades of self recrimination and energy zapping suffering) plus...

  • Experience the Ultimate Weapon in Your Energy Arsenal and It's Something So Accessible You Take It For Granted, Bypassing Its Power
*Note: Adela Is Also Going to Preview How YOU Can Get One of a Few Select Seats in Her Live Teleseminar Presentation of The Energy Mastery Intensive: How to Shift from Highly Sensitive Person to Highly Empowered Being. Seating will be limited!