Discover the Secret to Self Care . . .

Explore the ENERGY PYRAMID and the SELF CARE MASTERY CHECKLIST to fine tune your ENERGY SOURCES today!

Do you take care of yourself the same way you take care of everything else? Do you plan and invest in your well being as you do for your:

Family ♦ Business ♦ Vacation ♦ Retirement

There will always be problems AND things to do. However, unless you take care of yourself you will not be fully equipped to handle the pace of your life powerfully and responsibly.

The answers you seek aren’t out there. They reside within you. Unless you nourish the source of your own renewal you will always look for the next quick fix. Self nourishment is what brings outer nourishment.

Ready to reclaim your essential self? Get the Self Care Mastery Jumpstart Guide. I’ll show you how to master your self care so that you can craft a life that honors you and your unique gifts and talents.

You CAN Master Your Self Care. The Self Care Mastery Jumpstart Guide will show you the way.

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Teresa O'Neill Teresa O'Neill, Become a Woman Soaring

The Self Care Mastery Jumpstart was a reminder that when we connect to our source and like minded network, the energy can powerfully support and shift us. Specific breakthroughs for myself in area's that I intended to shift happened! New ways of being with old "problems" or "thought forms" too.

Adela writes beautifully and researches her topics well!! She is such a delightful and welcoming host. She holds context and the agenda with a rigour that let's us lean in and feel supported. Her energy is light, playful and she uses her poetic spirit to engage our senses. In a meditative and guided journey she lead us in a 15 minute uplifting dalliance into our day. We experienced the shift. We came away magically anointed in new light, remembering our goddess energy.

Thank you for your laughter, your generous spirit. Your vulnerability and honesty and your belief in our pure essence!

Rosemary Graham Rosemary Graham, The Life Awakening Coach

Self Care Mastery Jumpstart has given me the time and mental space to work on the areas which have been focused on in a most beautiful and sensitive way.

It has enabled realisations to surface and expansions to take place which might have remained stifled and cramped in a small area and not given the chance to explode into freedom.

A wonderful month with a great leader/ facilitator. One can't go wrong with Adela's wisdom and depth. Just amazing as usual! Sensitive, wise, intelligent and knowledgeable.

THANK YOU so much Adela.

Sue Couch Sue Couch

The Self Care Mastery Jumpstart gave me the realization that I have several areas of self-care to upgrade, thanks to the check list, blog posts and phone calls.

Adela was her usual brilliant self, bringing fresh and inspiring approaches to looking at self-care as a whole life process. She is particularly skilled at communicating details and nuances that connect powerfully to many levels of my being.

Love you lots, Adela. Thank you so much for continuing to share your magnificent self as we journey forward in our life adventures. Many blessings and glory hallelujahs!

Angela Barnes Angela Barnes, Heartspoken Words

The Self Care Mastery Jumpstart offered the action of some form of consistent expectation--desire. It motivated me to NOT forfeit the information and opportunity because i wasn't ready (or maybe even able). 

Adela is a consummate host and encourager. She demonstrates the 'one foot in front of the other' that I believe is the catalyst and segueway to movement, and movement in action gets us unstuck.

You CAN Master Your Self Care. The Self Care Mastery Jumpstart Guide will show you the way.

We value your privacy and would never spam you