Self Acceptance: The Path to Effortless Change

Self acceptance has long been touted as a key to real and lasting change in the human consciousness movement. Easier said than done, right?

How often do you second guess yourself, wishing for things to be different?
How often do you criticize your way of being, thinking and acting?

It is impossible to change ANYTHING until you are ready to be WITH it. Practicing to accept yourself, as you are, is paradoxically the key to change.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change. Carl Rogers

This acceptance is not resignation to your apparent problems and perceptions. On the contrary, it is a portal to discernment of what is TRUE. The journey of self acceptance attunes you to the ripples on the surface of the lake. As you notice the come and the go, you become more deeply present to an ever pulsing rhythm that is a solid core of IS-ness, of BE-ing, of ALL-ness. You come to know that you are THAT, too.

Step into the heartbeat of now:

1. Breathe, relax, expand . . .
2. Feel yourself as an infinite ripple.
3. Open to All That Is.
4. Rest in it. Bask in it. Be in it.
5. Let it flow.

Whenever you find yourself adrift in the land of the lost, drop anchor and rest in BEing. All is well, my friends. All is well.

Bring Christmas Home

CandelsI know that most folks are sending out their Christmas greetings and gifts at this time. What if we brought it home, into our daily lives, as an every moment conversation vs a yearly celebration? It feels to me that the time is NOW to BRING HOME this energy of abundance, appreciation and connection.

I  notice how often I still search for what I don't have vs ALL that I am.
I notice how n I'll view someone critically vs seeing what's TRUE about them.
I see how I shut down when I don't get what I want vs opening up to what is REALLY on offer.

What if we brought home these gifts, to ourselves first and then to our interconnected web of life. It all starts with YOU! You can't give what you aren't and Christmas begins at home, in your own being. Step into it right now.

  1. Position yourself in front of a mirror. Take a deep breath, slowly and rhythmically, synching and linking up with your heart.
  2. On the exhale close your eyes and allow yourself to release all that is no longer YOU in this moment.
  3. See yourself as part of this interconnected web of life, notice your connection to the Heart of Source. Feel your superconnection to all the hearts in all dimensions, places and spaces. Sense the rhythmic pulsing of Life, and feel yourself sourced from this space.
  4. Slowly and gently take in 3 deep breaths allowing this awareness to fully line up in your body.
  5. On the last exhale, slowly open your eyes and acknowledge the magnificent gift that you are to yourself and to ALL right NOW!

Every day is an opportunity to step past the illusion of WHO you appear to be and to step into yourself as a being of light, love and transformation . . . right here, right now.