Anything is Possible – Dr Randy Pausch

I just saw the ‘Last Lecture' video by Dr. Randy Pausch and was inspired and moved by his ability to dream, inspire others’ dreams and his ‘anything is possible’ take on life. He is certainly on my list of Evolutionary Leaders.

Here’s his webpage. His ‘Last Lecture’ has been viewed by more than a million people.Here's a link to an abridged version of the lecture.

Dr. Paush will be on Oprah this Monday.

Free Your Mind – Beyond Enlightenment

I did the Intensive Satsang with Dolano, Radical Zen Master, in the Summer of 2003 in Pune, India. It turned my life upside down, inside out and kicked me . . . OUT of the BOX. There’s no way back in folks.

She has several videos on Youtube. This one gives you a really good taste.

To my delight, there’s even more beyond enlightenment, and it is unimaginably delicious. The Adventure of Life truly