The Aliveness of Being

PhotobucketHave you noticed that when things are really quiet and time slows down that the silence has a quality of sparkle and vibrance? The emptiness, the non-beingness, is chock-full of activity. There is energy and movement, there is an ‘alivening' quality to it.

This is the fabric of creation, the particles that make up your body, the space around you, everything that IS in time and space is made of this ‘alivening stuff.' Take a moment right now, close your eyes and just change the slow down the pace of your breathing, your thinking, your being . . . notice how there is a charge to this quality of you. Sense the intelligence and the knowing in this emptiness of ‘thingness.' Notice the YOU in you and the ALL in you.

FEEL the deliciousness of it, the certainty of it, the solidness of it . . . even in its movement it's more real than your fingers, more constant than the chair beneath you.

Now imagine that you have access to this pool of alivening potentiality in every moment. See yourself being IT as you work, as you drive, when you greet your family, when you're doing your bills. Notice how the quality of your doing is informed by the energy of your being this ‘aliveness.' Notice how more real and true is the YOU that shows up.

Play with the aliveness of your being and notice how it ripples into your everyday moments and transforms everything from mundane to magical.

The Wheel of Time: A Fabulous Focus Tool

Some folks may be working their New Year resolutions or setting their goals this week. Setting markers in your world can be a powerful exercise in becoming aware of where you are, what you want, and how to get there. The tick tock of time is a great focusing tool.

As `time passes' I've become more connected to what's TRUE for me vs the rules and standards of others. I've switched from an outer to an inner compass and the quality of HOW I engage is what drives my world. Every day and every moment is an opportunity to line up with the potential of my Being.

It could happen anywhere . . .
with anyone . . .
at any time . . .

It's more about who `I am' and what I bring to the party. There's nowhere to go and nothing to do. In the rippling movement of my breath everything IS now. I don't need anything and I have everything. Nothing's missing and there's more.

How about you?

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