12 Ways to Love Your Body (in 5 Minutes or Less)

Do you care for your body in the same way that you care for your home, your children or your bank account?

The things that you invest your time and energy in are the things you value most. Oftentimes we don't pay attention to the body until something breaks down. That's not you, right?

Listen… it's not unusual, or uncommon, to have mixed feelings about your body. In an era where beauty is air brushed into non-existent flawless perfection, it can be challenging to look in the mirror and love what you see.

There are so many mixed messages about your body too. This is good. That is bad. Do it like this, but not like that. Beauty magazines are full of expert articles on any topic imaginable concerning your body. It's not surprising that you start to doubt your inner inklings and what's true.

On the flip side, there are many well meaning voices telling you how to win the beauty battle. Loving yourself gets plenty of lip service. But you won't get it that way. Loving yourself is not so much about what you say, it's about who you are and what you do. There's no doubt that making the leap is a stretch (especially if you've grown up in a dysfunctional environment). The key is to make it an easy practice.

No matter what shape you're in, your body is worthy of your care. If you find yourself slipping into a state of self criticism remember all the things your body allows you to do.

Your hands help you find your way in a dark room and gift you the treasure of touch to hold a loved one close.

You can see the beauty of the world around you and the hope in a child's eyes.

You can smell the alluring scent of a rose or inhale the exquisite aroma of a home cooked meal.

You can hear the hoot of an owl and music that moves your being into unbridled joy.

You can taste an infinite number of foods and enjoy the variety of flavors popping on your palate.

Your body is a vehicle for creative expression: you can sing, dance, paint, write and so much more.

The best way I've found to saturate your cells with the sensation of love is to treat yourself well on a regular basis. It is such a treat to have your body! Loving it right back is the best form of appreciation. And it doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming.

In honor of the self love leap, and the infinite ways in which love can be experienced, today let's make love a verb. Let's take small, easy actions throughout the day to plump up your self love:

12 Ways to Love Your Body
(in 5 minutes or less)

Hang like a rag doll.

Walk barefoot on the grass.

Drink a glass of water.

Take a dance break.

Eat a piece of fruit.

Rest in Corpse Pose.

Sing out loud.

Soak under a hot, then cool shower.

Rub your feet with essential oils.

Stand in Mountain Pose.

Give/Get a hug.

Breathe: Deeply. Deliciously.

Of course there are more than 12 ways to love your body. These are just some ideas to prime the pump and get you into connection with your own body wisdom. You have infinite resources within you that will guide you to the perfect ways for YOU to love your body. All you need to do is listen. Then take action on the insights that come your way. This ensures that your body continues its deep dialogue with you.

Once you invest in loving your body, you re-set your default to a loving approach to your body and your life. Start loving your body and the rest of your world falls right in line.

How do you love your body every day? I'd love to hear how loving your body shows up in your world!




PS Ready to dive into the sweetness of self love?

Image: Crisalida, Jeronimo Sanz

How to Shift Your Money Story

When the money conversation shows up in your world what's your initial response? Are you fearful or joyful? Do you get excited to share what you know or do you avoid the conversation entirely? Your default response to a money chat gives you a lot of information about your money story… the thoughts and beliefs you have around money.

Your story isn't right or wrong. It's a story. It's probably not even your story, but the thoughts and beliefs that have been passed onto you by those you trusted, and cared for, most. The outcome of that story will bring specific results. If you don't like the results, you need to change the story. It requires your focus and practice. The good news is that it's totally do-able.

One of the things that brought my own money story to light was when I started my own business. It was the perfect storm to illustrate my own thoughts about money. It was also an opportunity to rewrite the money story. Think back to your own perfect storm. What did you learn about your relationship with money? Take 5 minutes to write down what you discovered. (We'll use the information you gleaned in the exercise below.)

Although it might be tempting to make this conversation about money, it isn't. Money is an energy of exchange. It is about flow, your flow to be exact. When money is scarce, so is access to your flow.

4 Practices to Shift Your Money Story

One of the paradoxes of abundant cash flow is that the more you ‘need’ money, the less it graces your world. The more you focus on money as your outcome, the less that money manifests in your world. Don't focus only on the money, focus on the flow.

1. Rewrite Your Money Story. Write our your current money story, in exquisite detail. Make sure that you capture your feelings about your money situation too. Now re-write your money story so that you are experiencing the abundance you desire. Include how you feel. This is very important. Spend 5 minutes each day, or more, experiencing your new money story.

2. Add to Your Money Jar. Get a big jar and put money into it every day, even if it's only coins. Sing a little money song, “Money grows and money flows! Money gush, oh what a rush!” Have fun, be silly, enjoy watching your money grow and flow. When it fills up put it into your savings.

3. Shift to Your Abundance Mindset. Throughout the day tune into the thoughts sifting through your mind. Are they focused on flow or scarcity? Flip the switch by finding something to be grateful for in the moment. Feel the abundance that flows towards you. Now send that flow back out with your gratitude. The trick is to be part of the flow formula. 

4. Practice Ask/Receive. One of the barriers to abundance might be that you're out of practice with asking and receiving. Most of us were trained to be self sufficient. It's a quality that is praised. It does not mean that you get to do it alone. Abundance doesn't work in isolation. One of the best ways to increase your flow is to ask for what you want or need, then receive gracefully. Make sure to show appreciation. It closes the circle and completes the energy of abundance. If there's ONE practice that I recommend over all others. It's this one. There is power in asking for what you want. There is grace in receiving the abundance of the Universe. Avail yourself of both of these gifts. 

As you give time to these practices you will begin to experience insights and a ha's. You will clearly see your choices and be free to make new ones. As you make new choices you create a new money story, one of freedom, flow and abundance.

Spend most of your time on noticing, and appreciating, what you DO have. The more you focus on the flow in your world, the more everything flows in your world … including money.




PS Ready to dive into the abundance of your flow?


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