Self Care Mastery Jumpstart Event

Another year is coming to a close and a fresh new chapter begins. Are you complete with the old and ready for the new?

No matter what changes are knocking on your door you won't be able to navigate them powerfully and purposefully unless you are tapped into the source of inner wisdom and infinite knowing in your world. You have access to the power source that moves all of life. It lives within you and it is eager to partner with you.

Are you ready to embody and activate the essence of who you are in the world? Are you ready to nourish the source of your own renewal?

This is a most auspicious time to tune into the deeper rhythms of Life and to ride the coattails of evolution. You have everything you need for this adventure.

Event Details

The Self Care Mastery Jumpstart runs from December 23 thru January 29. The first 10 days of the adventure, before the New Year, is a time of preparation. The last two weeks of the year feel like the pulling back of a wave before it hits the shoreline. There is LOTS percolating.

Here are the program details:

  • Weekday Messages: Dec 23 - Jan 29, you'll receive an email message to explore some inner/outer aspect of self care.
  • Weekday Calls: Jan 4 - Jan 29, 8:30am ET, guided experience of the self care message. You can check in with insights or feedback. Calls are 15minutes. (Want to connect before the call? Show up at 8:25am ET)
  • Members Replay Page: Access recordings and resources during the Event at no charge.
  • Online Community: Join this wonderful community on Facebook at Evolutionary Adventurers. 

There will also be extras! Looking forward to the connection and the shifts we'll share …


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PS. If you’ve never experienced the power of an aligned intention and community you are in for an exciting adventure. The 30-Day Self Care Mastery Jumpstart weekday ‘energy shifts'  begin Jan 4. Let's lay the groundwork to percolate and power up what's possible.


Here are what previous participants have to say (this is just a small sampling, as there are over 300 testimonials)…

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Adela has a special knack for being fully present with her guest presenters, and both allowing and facilitating remarkably in depth discussions in a very conversational way. Adela provides an excellent service - great insights and wisdom for creating truly "conscious" business, which is essential for stable, long-term success.

Dr. Dean Shrock September 4, 2015

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Your generosity and spirit shine through every word you write. Thank you so much for sharing of yourself, your gifts, your experiences and your inspiration. You truly brighten the Universe. I hope the attached photo of a parrot flower will make you smile and brighten the Universe even more. Big hug!

Bianca Delfosse Translator and Light Worker September 4, 2015

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Your Self Care Mastery series is so awesome it moves me to tears...I am blown away by the Artella class, for which I signed up for, Sarah's HSP class and free consult was eye-opening, and I love your wise interviewing techniques. Am trying to make time for all your classes. I thought I'd seen/heard it all but am amazed by all the wisdom!

Eustacia Simmons September 4, 2015

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These Self Care Mastery sessions by the experts are incredibly informative and have proved to be a truly enlightening experience for me. I've shared this new found knowledge with everyone in my circle. I look forward in earnest anticipation to attending the rest of your phone series weekly events.

Jeff (R. Jeffreys) September 4, 2015

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Just wanted to tell you that this Self-Care Mastery program with all its extra sessions and bonuses is really amazing! I've done a lot of innerwork; I didn't know there were so many others oriented in the same way. And then it's free! Thanks so much!

Judi Lansky Lansky Career Consultants September 4, 2015

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Adela is always outstanding and always seems to be at the top of her game... warm, real, upbeat, loving, creative.

Shifra Hendrie September 4, 2015

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I have felt much support knowing that there are like-minded light conscious individuals, who have the spiritual need to serve humanity on all levels. I love that Adela and her guests, also have "business smarts with a heart!" I have enjoyed Adela very much as a host. She is well prepared, and guides her guests with questions that benefit her audience immensely. Her humor and warmth resonate with her audience! Keep up the excellent work Adela and thank you!

Deborah Angiolina Billings September 4, 2015

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One of the shining stars I met when I started The Pendulum Forum was Adela Rubio. I have yet to meet anyone in my life with more WOW than Adela. She has not only overcome many challenges, but she doesn't hold any grudges, resentments or sorrows for the amazing lessons she has learned. She rocks with huge joy and enthusiasm for what's next. I don't think I have met too many people that walk the talk, honestly. She is one of them. She travels, she speaks, she teaches, and she shines her light in ways that jazz my soul. If you need help right now, the only Life Coach I know (that I would refer) is Adela. I know her and love her.

Sheree Rainbolt-Kren The Pendulum Forum September 4, 2015

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Adela is authentic, inspiring, nurturing, creative, brilliant, well connected to her inner wisdom, honest, playful, joyful, loving, deeply connected to all the participants, engaging, alivening, charismatic, daring, dynamic. I am so grateful for the 30 days and the writing, connections and everything involved. I could feel you followed your heart and inspiration and created TRUE MAGIC as was evident with the daily responses from your fellow travelers!! You ARE an INSPIRING ROLE MODEL for living our Brilliance and taking action and doing the do!!!I feel SO GRATEFUL to count you among my friends. Endless appreciation.

Morgine Jurdan December 27, 2015

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