4 Steps to Break Through Resistance When You’re Stuck

Ever had one of those days when you just feel stuck. Sometimes it can stretch out into weeks, and even months. No matter what you do, you just can't bring yourself to do what you know you need to do. Knowing the steps you must take, and being unable to take them, might even move you into a spiral of self doubt. It's times like these that ‘knowing' what you should do doesn't really help.

The very thing causing you frustration could be something personal, like knowing that you need to exercise and eat healthy, or it could be about your business, knowing that you need to increase sales so you must write that squeeze page for your upcoming preview teleseminar, send that solo email and post on social media.

It doesn't really matter what ‘it' is, you just can't bring yourself to do it. You don't have the energy to exercise, or the words don't flow for your copy. You're stuck in quicksand and you can't bring yourself to take any course correcting action.

When resistance rears its Medusa-like head, it can be really difficult to pinpoint the source of the ‘problem.' This compounds the problem because it makes it really hard to get the clarity and confidence that you need in order to take powerful and aligned action. Often resistance is very much like fear, it's a catch all surface symptom that covers a much deeper collective group of concerns and worries.

Resistance could also be a signpost that you're heading into new territory. It might be that what you already know will not take you where you're headed. The old roads have been obliterated and you are being called to new pathways. This puts you smack dab in the land of the unknown…

“Some things cannot be spoken or discovered until we have
been stuck, incapacitated, or blown off course  for awhile.
Plain sailing is pleasant, but you are not going to explore
many unknown realms that way.” David Whyte

 What if you approached resistance as a doorway to the ‘yet to be', the unknown, the evolution of you or your business? One of my favorite quotes from a Course in Miracles is, “Love brings up everything unlike itself.” What if  you are being called to trust more, go beyond the surface of what you know to who you are becoming?

4 Steps to Shift Resistance

Resistance is not a fun place.  Consider that resistance is the playground of possibility. That shift alone can create a breakthrough. If you need to jiggle resistance a bit more, here are 4 steps you can take when you are ready to break through:

1. Acknowledge What You Feel. You can't move past something if you don't acknowledge it. Feeling is a pathway to sensing and knowing. This sensing is beyond your 5 senses, this is your access to divine downloads, also known as insights and intuition. Life fully supports you, you have full access to the infinite resources of a loving Universe, but first you must feel and open to ‘what is' here so that you can expand beyond it. When you're planning a road trip you have to know where you're starting to map out your itinerary.

2. Invoke the Outcome. Envision what you'd like to bring into being, muster up as much detail as possible and breathe life into it. See it roll out into the coming hours, days and weeks and unfolding dynamically. Open to partnering with Life and to the evolution of that outcome into something even more brilliant than you can imagine. Don't fixate on your own vision being just so, allow it breathe and be, flowing freely.

3. Call In Your Cosmic Perspective. Lose the story, whatever was… was. What's available here and now? Breathe, relax and expand. Allow your being to expand infinitely until you are All That Is. From this expanded perspective you have the eagle eye view, a more cosmic perspective and a lot more possibility is present.

4. Open to Divine Downloads. Insights and aha's have their own rhythm. Open to the pulsating power that is you. You are a cosmic being and life moves through you, as you. Use whatever creative process helps you anchor the knowing. It could be sharing with a trusted friend or coach, it could be writing in your journal. The pathway thru the resistance will reveal itself as you open to divine flow and timing.

Things often must breakdown in order for you to explore a new way of seeing and being. Resistance is Life's invitation to compost the old and bring in the new. It's the natural order for an evolutionary being, and that's who you really are. Resistance is good news!

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Image: Free Bird, Aussiegall

  • This is so powerful Adela. Resistance is futile 😉 ….yet its higher purpose is an opportunity. You help gentle and wiggle the reader out of the mire and into the potential when ready. And I love that its ok not to be ready

  • Alisha says:

    Out of the compost I flower—-
    Thanks Adela

  • Krista Moore says:

    Love this. Thanks, Adela. Here’s to Divine Downloads!

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