5 Benefits of Being in the BIG Shifts Community

bigshiftscommunityThere are lots of communities clamoring for your attention, why join this one?

1. You Want to Navigate, Or Spark, Your Own BIG Shift. You're at a BIG pivot point in your world and you want to find your own powerful and graceful pathway through it. You want access to inner techniques and tools, as well as practical resources and steps that will support you to make the BIG Shifts.

2. You Want to Play With a Powerful and Playful BIG Shifts Tour Guide. I'm no stranger to big shifts and delight in creating the playground for big stuff to occur. You'll find a host who's curious, creative and collaborative. Someone who guides you in claiming your inner knowing and frees your essence to play in the cosmic dance.

3. You Want to Experience the Power of Community and Collaboration of the Highest Order. You know that the 5 people you spend the most time with impacts your potential and possibility, you're ready for a serious upgrade. Caroline Myss says, “You evolve at the rate of your Tribe.” You know it's true.

4. You Want to Share a Powerful BIG Shifts Process, Resource or Tool. Some of you know quite a bit about BIG Shifts and can easily facilitate a ‘flip the switch' moment. You are ready to share your goodies and gifts with the world and want to partner with other BIG Shifters.

5. You Want the BIG Shifts Goodie Bag. I've got a tiny taste up right now. I'm adding energy boosting resources, including recipes, energy techniques, interviews, poetry and a potpourri of life artist tools to navigate your exquisite adventure. Register and you'll be the first to know when it's ready.

BIG Shifts are a powerful playground to invoke the inner dance and live from your power, presence and passion. Let's explore a playful and powerful pathway to BIG Shifts.

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Adela Rubio

Adela's self care adventure began at twelve when she taught herself yoga from a book. She went on to co-own a health club, became a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Life Coach and Associate Raw Foods Chef. She even did a Satsang with a Zen Master in India. Combining the best of many healing traditions, along with practical application of your own intuitive wisdom, Adela helps activate your experience of more everyday beauty and bliss.

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