6 Quick Energy Pick Me Ups!

tiredEver have one of those days when you're just dragging and you can't quite spark up much energy for even the most mundane activity? Whether it's lethargy in your body or just a fuzzy-headed feeling, here are six quick energy amplifiers:

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

To experience a quick burst of energy put 2 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil on your tongue (don't touch the bottle to your tongue) and let it mix with your saliva. This is especially useful if alertness is key. Your brain will perk up instantly. It's especially good for studying.

2. Ha Breath – Joyful Energy

• Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees bent.
• Place your hand on lower abdomen.
• Inhale through the mouth expanding the belly.
• Exhale quickly through the mouth making the sound: “HA”.
• Repeat rapidly for 2 minutes.

3. Kundalini Breath

• Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees bent.
• Raise both arms above your head as you inhale through the mouth.
• Quickly exhale through the mouth, bringing the arms down to shoulder height.
• Inhale immediately as you raise the arms.
• Repeat 3 min at moderate pace to begin.
• Increase time and intensity as you progress.

4. Energy Realignment

Take 3 rhythmic breaths and check in with your body. Notice where you have any tension and breathe into the area and let it go. Imagine that you are releasing stuckness with every exhale and you are freeing up energy in your body.

Think back to a time in your life when you had the most energy you have ever had.. A time when you felt unbelievably full of life and amazingly excited. Go there now and spend a few moments enjoying that feeling. Notice how that feels in your body. What sounds did you hear? What tastes do you remember? Were there any particular colors, textures or physical setting that you remember? Breathe that experience into your body now. Allow that feeling to flow into your hands, you may feel a tingle, heat or vibration.

When you connect to that energy put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. Know that anytime you need this energy it is available to you with the placement of your hands. That is all you need to do — place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly — and your energy is available now.

5. Qigong – Five-Finger Fix

• Rest the tips of the thumb and four fingers of your left hand over your navel. Place the thumb and index finger of your right hand just below your collarbones. Wiggle all your fingers for 10 seconds to energize the meridians.

• Keeping your left hand over your navel, place your right index finger on the middle of your top lip and your thumb on the middle of your lower lip. Rub these points for 10 seconds.

• Place your right hand flat on the base of your spine and massage this spot for 10 seconds while still keeping your left hand over your navel.

• Repeat with your right hand over your navel and your left hand in the three positions.

6. Quick Partner Massage

Give and receive a 10 minute shoulder, neck and head massage. This requires no special training, just rub and check in with your partner to apply right amount of pressure. Finish by brushing hands gently over the head and shoulders three times, as if your partner were a small child. End with a hug.

The more that you access your vibrant energy – whether it's through breath, body or energy recall – the more your being will aliven to the energy that is YOU!

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