7 Steps To Tap Into Your Vision From the Field of Possibilities

One of the quickest ways to ‘make your dreams come true'  is to power them up with your intentions.  You've probably created goals for your business, and maybe even a mission statement. Add a vision board to the vivid dreaming and you've got a great synergy of left brain + right brain power.

Mapping out your vision, in as much detail as possible, is a powerful tool to help you bring your vision to life. The power of your creative mind and the discernment of your intellect are powerful allies on the adventure of relinquishing the old and molding the new. In order to create this vision, however, you need to temporarily suspend any limiting beliefs that keep you hooked into the ‘old you.'

One of the quickest ways to do this is to engage the energy of your vision and partner with the possibility that has your name on it. This is easily done with a guided exploration that can awaken you to the power that lies within you. You are a meaning maker and a story shaper, a being that is naturally gifted at designing your destiny.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.” Carl Jung

Let’s experience this ‘field of possibilities’ with a simple, yet powerful exercise. You'll need to be in a space where you are free to explore and express, and you'll want to have a pen and paper handy. Let's begin…

1.  Open to the infinite knowing of your body and your breath. Stand with your feet hip width apart. Roll your shoulders, drop them gently and soften your knees. Bring your attention to your breath and slow it down . . . deepen it. Every breath brings you more and more awareness. Notice the beating of your heart, the pulsing of your blood, the feel of the air as it touches your skin. Feel everything slow down with each breath, notice the sounds in the room, the coolness of your breath on the inhale and the warmth on the exhale.

2. Breathe, Relax, Expand. Let your body relax and release with every exhale.  Become aware of the center of your being. Feel this center as your source point and allow yourself to expand. You can do this with eyes closed or eyes open, whatever feels most comfortable. Expand past the edge of your awareness further and further until your entire energy field flows out of your room. As you continue to expand notice how grounded you feel as the ball of energy that is you keeps getting bigger and bigger. Keep expanding until you are as big as your city, as big as the Earth, as big as the cosmos. Allow yourself to expand to the biggest and vastest YOU that you can experience . . . feel your center grounded in the here and now.

3. Superconnect to All That Is. Connect to everyone and everything that is aligned with your vision. Invite resonant energies if that feels comfortable. Feel yourself vibrantly superconnected to ‘All That Is' – heart to heart, cell to cell, atom to atom, energy to energy, essence to essence. Know that you are connected to ‘All That Is' in this vibrantly alive field of possibility. Everything that you need to be and do is right here. It is available here and now! Feel the energy, feel the resonance, feel the dance.

4. Open to Your Vibrant Vision. Now,  take a deep breath and dive into your heart. Allow yourself to sink deeply into the bottom of the cosmic ocean of Life. Relax and allow your core's denseness to sink until you are anchored solidly in the ocean floor, rooting further into the center of the earth. Feel the silence, peace and spaciousness of Life all around you. Experience the movement of your infinite knowing so easily palpable at this depth of being. In this gorgeous blue green ocean, feel the sun sparkling brilliantly above calling you to rise, to become. Feel the sparkling bubbles of possibilities arising from within the infinite playground, moving lightly and easily towards the surface. Feel yourself floating up onto the dancing waves above as the bubbles rise up through your heart and burst out through your hands, heart and all of you. Don’t try to think about it, just let the energy of these bubbles move through you.

5. Dialogue With Your Vision. Notice how the energy flows – your hands may tingle or your body might feel warm or even a bit sparkly. Allow the fullest energy of your passion to come right on through you as the bubbles rise above you. Here is the energy of your passion in full flow. What does it look like? Does it have a shape? Is it a person? Is it a thought? A word, a phrase? However, it appears to you imagine having a conversation with this energy. Get a sense of what it is and how it feels. This is your opportunity to open to a vaster, grander you. What is that immensely brilliant essence wanting to pour through you right now? Talk to it. Feel it. Sense it. Allow your knowing to pour through you as an overflowing vessel pours out the essence of life into your very being. What is speaking passionately to you right now?

6. Write Your Vision. Now, pick up your pen and write for a few minutes. Allow the words to flow upon the empty page – if you get stuck just start writing whatever comes into your awareness. Do not allow your pen to stop, keep writing until you feel spent then put down your pen and allow the energy of gratitude to close out this sacred time.

7. Take Immediate Action. This is where the rubber meets the road, darling! If you've done the first 6 steps all you've done is dream. That's awesome, but there's more! Take at least ONE specific action in the direction of your vision. This is what will activate your vision. You'll get more ideas, meet the ‘right people,' etc. It's the activation that will make this real. Nothing else will really do. . . but you know that!

A VISION is a beacon, clear once you see it. A GOAL is what you
set when you can’t see the vision.
  Thomas Leonard

You may want to repeat this exploration from time to time to allow your vision to take shape and form. Just like an artist molding clay into a beautiful work of art, so too your vision comes sharply into being as you engage it over and over again. This practice will add clarity to your vision, and feeling to your dreams. In no time at all, you'll come to realize that your vision has come alive and is now your reality.

Ready to partner on your vision? Let's chat and explore what's possible and how I can support you in bringing your vision into being.

Brought to you by Adela Rubio, Visionary Mentor and Coach.

  • Kat says:

    Wow this is absolutely amazing! I have been practicing daily meditation and the journey has been beautiful, but this takes it to another level. Thank you!

  • Sue says:

    Adela, love the Leonard quote. I finally realized why I’ve always resisted setting goals. For me, they come from the intellect, not the heart/vision. Thank you for assisting at the birth of this insight, and of course, for this process that brings us more of who we are. MWAH!

    • Adela says:

      Me too, Sue, I’ve never been much for goals. A vision is a whole ‘nother matter. Ha ha ha! Mwah to you too, Sue. Glad to be a sparker of insights.

  • Alisha says:

    “You are a meaning maker and a story shaper, a being that is naturally gifted at designing your destiny.”—LoveLoveLOve this Adela

    This hit the mark for me today—before I got out of bed I knew I wanted to workk on this today—gotta love how all this works out—

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