7 Ways to Nourish Your Sense of Self

For millenia our survival depended on one another. You couldn't stand against pre-historic animals by yourself. You needed to gather and bond with others in order to survive. Times have changed, and though some things remain the same, the invitation of our time is different.

Today we still need each other, but we also need to light our own way. Community is essential, but it serves no one to lose yourself. You cannot support the massive shifts of our time unless you are willing to be the change. In your own world you must be the light, not only for yourself but for those around you. Nourish your light, your own sense of self, and you become a precious gift to your community and the world. 

Here are 7 ways to nourish your spark in the solar system:

  1. Invest in Alone Time. Yes, you're a social creature, but don't seek out others solely to avoid being with yourself. Knowing how to be alone is key to the art of loving yourself.  There are some things that will only reveal themselves on a solo journey.
  2. Engage in Loving Self Talk. Don’t belittle or berate yourself. No name calling either. “If you can't say something nice, don't say anything.” Right! Speak positively, with love drenched words. Don’t allow others to talk to you in a way that makes you wither! Be less critical and more loving of yourself, especially when things are tough. The conversations you have with yourself can either support or sabotage your sense of self. Build yourself up, don't tear yourself down.
  3. Set Boundaries. Create healthy boundaries for how others treat you and also for how you treat yourself. Use boundaries that respect you and your energy. Let go of people pleasing and giving so much to others that there's nothing left for you. Treat yourself with love and kindness, and don't settle for anything less from others. 
  4. Honor Your Word. Follow through on what you say. Period. Honor your promises and commitments, especially to yourself. Living honestly creates integrity in your everyday moments so your energy is free to be.
  5. Follow Your Heart. If you’re heart’s not in it, don't do it. It doesn’t matter if it's your work or your relationships. The clock is ticking for us all. Do the things that stir your heart and make it soar. Anything less diminishes your life force. It's your dance, darling!
  6. Take a Stand. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. It takes courage to be true to you. It is the best investment you'll make. When you take a stand for ‘what's right' you craft a unique and precious life… and that is what you're here for. Create a life that honors you and blesses all.
  7. Acknowledge your Beauty. By now you've experienced beauty through the lens of all your senses. You know what beauty looks like. Don't forget what beauty feels like. Go within. See it. Be it. The more you do, the more it comes to life. Focus on your beauty and you become more beautiful (and so does everything else).

Nourishing your own sense of self – the exquisite unique light of your own being – is what's required to be a force for evolution. It's not a big undertaking either. It's a slight shift. The tips above are mere suggestions. All you really need to do is gift yourself the love, kindness and compassion you already gift others. You are that force of loving goodness. That's why self love can feel like a contradiction. You are already that.

Nourishing you, nourishes Life. That's how you share the light. That's how you change the world.



PS What are some of the ways you experience your sense of self? Share below!


Image: Perfume, Jeronimo Sanz

Adela Rubio

Adela's self care adventure began at twelve when she taught herself yoga from a book. She went on to co-own a health club, became a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Life Coach and Associate Raw Foods Chef. She even did a Satsang with a Zen Master in India. Combining the best of many healing traditions, along with practical application of your own intuitive wisdom, Adela helps activate your experience of more everyday beauty and bliss.

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