I find life fascinating, especially relationships and creative expression. I'm not a half- anything kind of gal. I'm a full immersion, ‘Yes!'

I imagine I'm an explorer on a grand adventure. Often that takes me to the front line where I test out my ideas in the Laboratory of Life. Ha!

Here are some essential elements of my Essence:

voracious reader and prolific writer

host/producer of 200+ cool conversations
with evolutionary adventurers 

lover and host of writing circles

advocate for connection and community
to boost your brilliance

avid dancer, especially Latin and Argentine Tango

big fan of laughter as default response to Life

I enjoy savoring more than hoarding. I love to understand how things work, what makes them tick. I like to explore different points of view and ponder what's true. I take chances, even when I don't want to, because I know I must.

I host online community for luscious and lovely creatives who want to awaken more of their creative essence and partner with others for the joy of it.

Lets explore, experience, express.

Red carpet unfurls . . .


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