Being Sourced Authentically

If you're having trouble with your business,  marketing, copy, your relationship, your weight, your whatever  . . . it's because your movement is not being sourced authentically. Everything is a movement, because everything is energy and is in flux.

Yet a movement has a beginning, perhaps a crescendo, and an end. Think of a wave rising out from it's brother and sister droplets forming a massive wall of water, reaching it's peak and then crashing onto the shore. Yeah, it's like that.

A movement has purpose, it is sourced powerfully to propel it into being and it completes as the energy of fullness comes to a close. You've had millions of these experiences in your lifetime. You know them. There is a synchronous dance, a union with, that is glorious no matter what the context. You are in constant concert with life, and your movements have a dancer's grace, whether they're physical or not. The flow is serendipitous and you move with unequaled focus, driven by a force that is guiding you purposefully.

Is it any wonder then that you can't show up unless you're sourced authentically? You're not in flow with the movement, you're not being propelled. When you try to move, it's not sourced, so it feels like you're forcing and pushing. It doesn't matter what external indicators may be telling you to move, you cannot. Your creativity is on hiatus, the words don't flow, the plan sits beautifully diagrammed on your desk – mind maps, outlines, blueprints – and you can't lift a finger to bring it into being.

Don't bother, I say! Why do it when it's not being birthed from the source that breathes inspiration into being. I know this goes against the grain, rails against the norm, but there you have it. You are a magnificent co-creator and you cannot bring life to anything without your partner . . . Source . . . Life . . . Creation . . . God  Call ‘it' what you will, the name changes in time and space. You KNOW the energy of it. It has been your constant companion, woven into the fabric of your cells from your very first sparking into being.

Don't deny what you know, live in the flow.

  • Sigrid says:

    today I just want to thank you.. to thank Adela for all the amazing energy shifts she is offering to each one of us and to thank all of my brothers and sisters in this community. Your comment, your shift just beautifully add and compliment Adela love for us.

    Have a great day and see you all on the next shift…

  • Rebeckah says:

    I woke up this morning on the verge of tears. I dread my job; I hate my living arrangement; I am struggling financially; I have two autistic children for whom I pressure myself to succeed at work I dislike but, not surprisingly, am not making any headway. I have spent nearly 3 years since my divorce in a desperate search to find the business I could start that would light me up, fill me with passion and allow me to earn what I feel I am worth, but I have yet to find it. Reading this, I connected SO strongly to the feeling of pushing, as if I’m trying to walk into the sea as the tide is coming in. I had a thought crystalize – maybe its time to surrender. Not to try to move forward. Not to try to do anything at all. Maybe I need to focus on taking care of myself. I dont sleep well, I dont eat well, I’ve gained weight and lost touch with all of the things I once loved because I’ve felt so much pressure to accomplish everything at once – to be superwoman, and make a great home for the kids and earn huge money, and, and and…

    I like to dance. I like to draw. I like to sleep in a hammock under the sun. I like to travel, and eat exotic foods…Time to reconnect with myself and let my Purpose and my Success find me. Thank you Adela, for speaking to me so clearly this morning.

    • Kathleen Kunze says:

      Thanks Rebeckah, I needed to hear what you wrote. I can relate to pressure and pushing forward. I love what you said… “Let success and my purpose find me. Think I ‘ll try that one on. 🙂

  • Alisha says:

    Adela- what a light bulb moment that I can invite people to come along with me. I’m shifting and today I actually had a vision- growth for me- then I realized afterward that I can start having people with me like in dearest Tonya’s share. I’m willing to embrace that next.

    Thanks to all of you and you, Adela
    LoveLoveLove to this fabulous tribe

  • Sophia says:

    Adela, this is so true. I was telling someone the same thing. Energy is so real and we realise it more when we communicate from the heart. Listening and following you has brought such an openness to my life that I am now able to see things differently. I am constantly shifting and allowing thoughts/actions whatever to flow through and really experience it. I am being very careful to keep what is a story that needs to happen and pass on what does not need to happen. Thank you so much for being present in my life so that I can move into this journey of life. Thanks and I love you,

  • Thank you, Adela, for a miraculous call with a magnificent energy shift! Thank you for helping me feel permitted to explore my sadness! Thank you, Britt, Rosemary, John and all! I am seeing grandeur and brilliance in the freedom. The tentacles are thinning out!
    Peace and Love to All!

  • Yes, I gave up long ago trying to force creativity when it isn’t present. When I am not up to creative meetings or confronting crowds.

    These are times for integration and stillness.

    I feel compelled to share: I learned some years ago that in many cultures in the world, women go into isolation to menstruate. In all my menstruating life I have practiced that. Have known intuitively that that time is there for me to be as alone as possible, to reflect. Indeed the symptoms of PMS, when many of us become “irrational and overly emotional”, are there to help bring all our hidden issues into our awareness, allow us to create space and make peace with what is part of our beautiful harmonious balance, discern, and let the unnecessary leave us with the flow. A very sacred time, to be honored with stillness and space. And we are so safe, as Tonya writes. So if, due to busy schedules, we are unable to honor stillness when it presents itself, at least we have a perfect excuse while menstruating. Aren’t we females just sooooo lucky and priviledged? 😀

    So much Peace and Light and Love to all you Beautiful People!


  • Joanne I really was with you SO much and felt your wobbliness with the massiveness of the emotion coming through you. Wow! How you changed, transformed and became stronger, it was incredible. I can feel how you want to move more physically and there are some simple Chigong exercises or even Yoga stretches that would be easy for you to do. The breath will help you too dear one. You ARE on the wave! Bravo!

  • Renee Barnow says:

    Re-sourced, reborn this morning after 1st night of sleep this week and exclaimed aloud upon waking, “Thank You God. Thank You Energy Conscious Tribe.”
    Waking image was being in tunnel–womb–and seeing the light. Tunnel mentioned in today’s shift. Wow. So, here we are in the shift of being in no-thing-ness; the infinite.
    I am so blessed with this connection that has been a great support as I meet my 1st responsibility in the moment–Mom Care.

  • My movement crescendoes through crashing from its peaks as my surfboard rolls me to show up authentically drenched in love and full knowing in the dance of all of life! Whoppee!

    • nancyB says:

      Rosemary, I get goosebumps every time I read a posting from you and I can certainly “see” your image as vividly as if it were color pixels on paper or the computer screen. thank you

  • Christa says:

    Adela, I would like to echo Tonya’s expression of gratitude for your medicine words and for your impeccable guidance. I am sure my connection with this ‘tribe is my saving grace and that I/we are being motivated to become the best that we can be; connect to our authentic source and serve the greatest good.
    Sometimes I can feel my molecules vibrating with the joy and anticipation of connecting to next step of our evolution! With endless gratitude, Christa

  • Susan says:

    OMG, Adela! You did it again. You ‘Source’erer, you.
    What you put forth is the trying to swim, paddle UPstream, going against the flow instead of flowing WITH the flow.
    I’m still not sure how to get there from here, but I bet I know more after the call. Have I told you lately that I love you:) Susan

  • Tonya says:

    Such wisdom in these words. Yes, let it flow. I know that when I am not in the flow of my destiny, it’s time to let go and let Goddess do Her thing, whatever that is and I am at peace.

    Thank you beloved for shining brightly and giving forth your special Medicine Gifts to us all! I stand in the power of LOVE and know the blessings that it bestows!

    Looking forward to continually shifting with a consciousness that speaks to my WombHeart!

    • Sue says:

      Tonya…And thank you for your Medicine
      Gifts also. I loved your idea for a
      tribal cruise. I’m there!

      Have a brilliant and inspiring day,
      Sue (just up the road apiece in Nashville)

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