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How to Awaken and Activate Your Creative Essence 

Ever find yourself doubting your gifts, feeling like an imposter or struggling to find your unique contribution in the world?

What if you could shift from doubt to certainty? What if you could readily translate the gifts that you feel and sense inside of you into a recognizable and tangible talent that serves others?

Get the playbook to help you awaken and activate your Authentic Essence:

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    Launch a sustainable, highly aware state of being
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    Experience your innate knowing and authority
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    Access clarity and confidence in your choices
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    Embody your power and your brilliance
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    Unleash your creative flow in everyday moments

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Dive into the playbook of 22 daily explorations, Free Your Essence: 22 Days to Unleash Your Innate Gifts, Embody Your Brilliance and Power Up Your World,  and 5 guided visualizations to awaken your essence. 


Adela delivers

For anyone who's done with spinning their wheels, they might want to check out Adela Rubio's offer. She delivers.  :) 

Paula D'Andrea , Reset Coach

Adela draws the wonder and magnificence of you into being

Are you a master? Adela Rubio draws the wonder and magnificence of you into being when she plays with you. I'm a believer!

Gina-Dianne Harding , The Divine U Academy

I can connect deeper with my inner life

I enjoyed the calls that I listened to. They make me understand more who I am and connect deeper with my inner life.

Anneliese Lievens
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