Daily Shift - White Space

Daily Shift: Find Time for White Space

BIG Shifts require a break from your everyday world. You need downtime – white space – to notice, process and integrate. Take time to rest, relax and restore. Daydream, read, play, lie on the couch. You get to choose how to use your white space. It should elicit a sense of freedom and be absent of any ‘have to's.' It's more a ‘nowhere to go, nothing to do' kind of vibe.

The worst thing that you can do is be a busy bee. This is a time shaped by less is more.

Major breakdown can create a major breakthrough, but you've got to be willing to experience the shift. The disintegration of your world, or some aspect of it, is a call for composting of what was and what is to create what wants to be.

You can find specific tips on how to do that in this post,  4 Ways to Create White Space for Your BIG Shift. There's a guided energy shift included.

Let's toast to the new, coming through you!

Adela Rubio

Adela's self care adventure began at twelve when she taught herself yoga from a book. She went on to co-own a health club, became a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Life Coach and Associate Raw Foods Chef. She even did a Satsang with a Zen Master in India. Combining the best of many healing traditions, along with practical application of your own intuitive wisdom, Adela helps activate your experience of more everyday beauty and bliss.

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