Daily Shift - Natural World

Daily Shift: Retreat to the Natural World

When your world feels overwhelming, the natural world will shift you into ease and peace. Whether you're contemplating a sunset or a stream, the clouds or cascading waves, nature heals, comforts and enlightens.

There's plenty of science to back up the benefits of nature's healing powers, but why it works isn't so important. Nature has its own language, you only need to immerse yourself in it and listen. The natural world invokes presence and peace.

The beauty of the natural world also offers you an opportunity to change your pace and perspective. When you walk in nature, your body recalibrates to the deeper rhythms of Life. Your thinking, walking and breathing change to match those of the environment around you.

Today, find time to reconnect with the natural world…

  • Go for a stroll in your local park
  • Treat yourself to a wilderness hike
  • Visit a lake, the ocean, or your local body of water, and watch the movement of the water
  • Step outside and listen to the birds chirping in the trees and the swirling of the leaves
  • Greet the trees on your street as you walk past

An ongoing, conscious connection to nature is a powerful antidote for the stress created by BIG Shifts. Nature will help you regenerate, restore, come into balance, and gain clarity. You'll return to your world renewed in body, mind, and soul!

What's your favorite way of reconnecting with nature? Please post below.

Adela Rubio

Adela's self care adventure began at twelve when she taught herself yoga from a book. She went on to co-own a health club, became a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Life Coach and Associate Raw Foods Chef. She even did a Satsang with a Zen Master in India. Combining the best of many healing traditions, along with practical application of your own intuitive wisdom, Adela helps activate your experience of more everyday beauty and bliss.

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