Embrace Your Inner Alchemy

Alchemy is the art that separates what is useful from what is not by transforming it into its ultimate matter and essence. Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus

How would your life be different if you wielded your ability to transform the mundane into the magical? How would your world transform,  if you chose the focus and flow of your essence to serve the greater vision clamoring for your liberation?

There's nothing ordinary about your ability to dream something and bring it into being. Take a moment to remember how many times you  have brought something to life with a mere spark of yearning and a quicksilver flash of possibility.  The spark grew into a flame and instantly your inner vision multiplied into a landscape of life. Time and space, particles and matter, shifted, aligned and conspired to bring your vision into being. This inner alchemy occurs on a more regular basis than you might at first suspect.

How many thoughts and dreams, false starts and hopes, are required before you'll drop what's unnecessary? You might find, after the shattered illusions, that this inner alchemy is actually a dropping away of what's NOT you, leaving  only the essential remains.

Image: The Abundance of Life, Stephen Brace

Listen to the audio…

Conscious Energy Shift (9m)

  • Olga says:

    I wasn’t able to get on the real call but I listened to the replay this morning and it was very soothing. Thank you

  • Adela,

    I am relaxed, comfortable and glowing from my pores after your shift this morning and a vision of “Alchemy” came to me in the form of a an acronym:

    A = Adjusting & Attracting
    L = Love & Life
    C = Changing & Creating
    H = Holistic, Heartfelt
    E = Energy & Enthusiasm
    M = Magically Morphing
    Y = into the “YES” for YUMMY

    Thank you for the inspiration.

    May you be blessed and highly favored!


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