Find Your Mastery Mentor

Are you mystified by the process of bringing your desire, your potential, into being? Whether it's your business or your body, sometimes there's a gap between where you are and where you want to be. Breaking down the vision into a plan is where most people stop short of success. The ‘what to do' and ‘how to do it' are the segments of the vision that get really confusing to articulate, especially when you haven't a clue!

Ultimately, you want to access your own level of mastery and trust in your own knowing. In the meantime, one of the most powerful ways that you can navigate the road to your own mastery is by modeling someone who is already masterful.

Here are some signposts you've tagged the right mentor for you:

1.Your energy opens up around them. You like who you become when you're around them. You're more willing to entertain new ideas and strategies. You are open to things you've previously resisted.

2. Their language is vibrant and sparks you up. When they speak you hear things in a different way. You understand and articulate at a new level. You access clarity and confidence in your communication.

3. You connect intellectually, emotionally and energetically. You respect their expertise and honor your connection. There is mutual respect, trust and friendship.

4. Inspired action is easily accessed. You  live into potential and excellence easily.. You start taking action and getting results with minimal prodding.  You do things you've never dared to do before.

5. You acquire unstoppable momentum. No sooner have you accomplished what you set out to do than you spiral up to the next level of brilliance. It's a tsunami swell of alignment and movement, that ripples you into extraordinary accomplishment and success.

6. Your mentor has surmounted the challenges and frustrations you're facing. They can relate deeply to your potential, as well as your problems. They've navigated the terrain you're on and can propel you into movement.

I would suggest that you find a mentor who is slightly ahead of you. Sometimes if the gap between you and your mentor is too huge it only further frustrates you and seals in uncertainty.

Who's gonna rock you? You'll know when you meet them. Your body will sing, your essence will rise and your potential will come alive!

Image: Leading Her Home, Jody McNary

  • Alisha says:

    Adela- thank you for another great road map on how to find the right mentor. You are such a gift. LoveLoveLove and gratitude.

  • Morgine. Yes I agree with all you say, dear sister. The shift of life ripples us forwards beyond the old worn out patterns, people, thoughts and places on the crest of a wave when we are brave enough to swim in the ocean of possibility. Rising up or stepping up IS the only way ahead.
    My inner mentor is powerfully and gracefully taking whisking me along a fabulous path. It is only when we resist, let the mind in, that we are challenged with negativity. There is only now. My movement and tribe are on the voyage across the soft sand of life listening to the whispers which move us, propel to new exciting vistas.
    We are all blessed by this and Adela you just rock!!!! Thanks forever and ever streaming out into the Universe and beyond my song sings to you and all…………………….. In gratitude for everything. Rosemary..Rosie

  • nancyB says:

    I too was in tears throughout most of today’s meditation. I know I am a “sensitive” and often feel the emotions of others with whom I am somehow connected. Those of us in the group ARE connected so very strongly . Without knowing you, I knew there was sadness today even though I had not read your note here. As your family, we circle you with love and support. We feel your sadness, your pain, your sense of loss, your anger.We willingly open to share these emotions with you so that your burden is not so heavy. You are never alone; none of us is, ever has been or ever will be . The magickal energy that is blossoming in the community will exist long after we have finished our 30days together.
    namaste dear sister,

  • Adela my love!

    I love the dichotomy!! What you express as the qualities of a mentor also help define the kind of people you no longer want to be around when turned upside down. Choosing to not continue friendships with people who do not inspire you, who only drag you down, who step on your dreams, challenge your visions and attempt to hold you where you are! We need to be aware of those people as well. Not as “bad”. Only in this moment, not supporting our new ways of Being!

    Also I LOVED that you mentioned CONTRAST as shared by Abraham-Hicks. What we resist, persists and so often we strive for that “happiness forever and always ” model in which there is no struggle or darkness, no fear or pain, nothing to challenge us. Yet these very things pull us forward, wake us up, create interesting moments on our journey.

    I still LOVE Whoopie Goldberg’s comments in a routine decades ago that went something like this…”those who have never stepped in shit can walk on the white carpet”. Trouble was… there was no one to walk on it!! Maybe some angels who have never been in human form! Even Jesus and Buddha and Gandhi all had their challenging moments.. . many of them.

    Thanks for the reminders. Celebrate life and all it brings us, because we are the Magnets and we only need to Shift our Vibration to get something different in the BLINK of an eye!!

    Here’s Winking at you!! Morgine

  • Susan,

    As I shared in a separate email, our sadness and guilt, our regrets and anger, all serve as gifts in the NOW. I was overwhelmed with guilt when my beloved dog friend decided he wanted to leave last week, being unable to walk and just refused all food and water for 8 days. I looked back and was filled with regret for all I had not done each day, I had committed to do with this new dog!

    Yet the great Gift is that life never ends. I am spending time daily with my new little dog who arrived here 2 months ago. I am giving her daily attention, talking to her more and creating a life I now understand, ALL my dogs are benefiting from, since there is no separation and we are all One!

    Even all my beloved friends here in this circle rejoice at my shifts and we all dance more brightly together!

    Thanks for sharing!! Morgine

  • Susan thanks for sharing SO much. I lost abrother in awful circumstances 6 years ago leaving a very young family and I understand. This work will bring you through sailing in the sea. Much Love.

  • Renee Barnow says:

    What is coming up during shift is tears about death and life I am about to support thru blood donation for baby’s open heart surgery. Last night didn’t sleep well and when I did I kept dreaming about my Dad who died 24 years Jan 8, and how he was back w/ me to help me w/ caring for my Mom. He and I kept reconnecting on 17th floor of big hotel–he was born in 1917; parents anniversary March 17.
    Mentors full circle–my w/ me; me in a sense for baby who I will never know–part of the universe of mentoring and connection: that unknowing knowing and unseen seeing Adela invites us to participate in.

    • Adela Rubio says:


      What a beautiful realization that you are the bridge in the circle of life to what was and what is to be. Kudos to you, sister, for being the brilliance of right now.

  • Britt Nielsen says:

    This is perfect!

  • Christa says:

    Thank You Adela, Such a divinely, perfectly clear and well-defined description. Useful too, when relating to the still small voice of the mentor within us, don’t you think?

  • Susan says:


    My baby brother died. He died on Christmas Eve. Awww, you say. And the guilt comes at the final acceptance that I dare to make it about me. And yet it is about me…again. It is still and always about me.

    Hank is gone. That is his physical presence is gone from this particular life. His spirit is alive and well; I have no doubts; we’ve talked.

    I could eulogize him here. I could tell you about his childlike sweetness and total lack of guile. I could tell you how much I wish I’d called him every time I was in his town and didn’t. I could tell you how I wish I’d listened better when he spoke. I could tell you how I wish I’d made more effort to invite him to my home.

    Or I could tell you about our conversations since Christmas Eve. I could tell you just and only what I want you to hear… the nice stuff. I could choose to just tell you the nice stuff.

    It has been my habit, by cultural and parental training, to just talk about nice stuff. ..until I either explode at someone inappropriately or just hide so no one sees me angry, hurt, sad, lost, in pain…mostly I hide.

    Today I am out of my hidey-hole bringing the anger, sadness, loss, and pain with me. I bring these very real emotions to the light of day. I bring them to you the reader not to be fixed, but to be acknowledged. Like the cat bringing her kill for you to see. She isn’t asking you to change the state of the dead bird. She is sharing with you her ‘catness’. I am sharing with you my humanness.

    That’s all. And it is enough.

    • Adela Rubio says:


      Thanks for your raw honesty it blesses and binds us in community. You are where you are and must honor the moment with your attention. Know that all is well, my friend, amid the swell of sensations YOU are still here, being moved to more and more.

      Hugs and much love to you, Susan.

    • Britt Nielsen says:

      “I bring them to you the reader not to be fixed, but to be acknowledged. Like the cat bringing her kill for you to see. She isn’t asking you to change the state of the dead bird. She is sharing with you her ‘catness’. I am sharing with you my humanness.” I know exactly what you mean. I acknowledge you and were you are right now. Honor that and know that we are all here with you (9am all day long). ~Britt

    • Shayla says:

      Aaah Sussan,

      I too have a death story. My husband of 20 years died suddenly from a heart attack in June 2005. Yep, 4 1/2 years and sometimes, it still pervades my thinking, my speaking, my everything. Sometimes.
      Thank you for sharing, come out from your hiding! I too know from practice that acknowledgement does come before release. You can’t throw a snowball that you haven’t scooped up, shaped and squeezed first. So scream out of the car window, pound the pillows, light a candle, make his favorite dessert. Eventually, like me, you’ll feel better and the reverence that wells up, like the giggles do after you’ve thrown a snowball will replace the resentment.

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