Find Your Pulse, Not Your Purpose

Have you ever labored over ‘your purpose?' Do you feel like you're missing out on that one big thing you're supposed to be doing with your life? What if you never get that ‘Gandhi moment?'

Don't sweat it! Sometimes it's easier to find your pulse, than your purpose. Your pulse is that magnetic pull of meaning, just like your heartbeat, that is always there. It's the through line of characteristics, qualities and causes that outline your calling

Your life experiences are the crucible through which you coalesce these separate strands into a tapestry of  purpose. In time, you connect the dots, reach  critical mass, or land the intersection of experiences where it all comes together. Here are some ways you can begin to map out the pulse of your purpose.

1. Navigate using the inner compass of your heart. Let the rhythm of your heart dictate where you focus your energy. It's not always about the result, the outcome or where it's leading you. Your being yearns to experience joy and freedom. At your core, this is who you are . .  freedom itself. This energy frees your essence and you will naturally gravitate to what you are here to be and do.

2. Notice the kinds of things that grab your attention, over and over and over. Do you feel yourself drawn to write to local politicians to make sure they're aware of the issues? Are you the one that always brings people together to champion a cause? Who you are and your contribution have always been present. When you were a child, you might have been the one to put together a play, or get everyone together to sing Christmas carols. Look for the telltale signs and you'll find a line of bread crumbs from early childhood to the present day.

3. Notice the subtext of these experiences. Don't only go by the surface of your favorite things or the causes you champion. Chances are there is a deeper note to be tapped. For example, you might love to dance, to sing and write. Your purpose could align with self expression, but also perhaps with rhythm and harmony, partnering, synthesizing, etc. Explore and play with the myriad possibilities. You are a hyper-creational being!

The world is full of unsung heroes. Many of them have paved the way for a new tomorrow without ever having been known by the world at large. In your own world, you touch hundreds if not thousands of people on a yearly basis. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of people touched by you in your lifetime. Now imagine a world populated by people knowing they make a difference just by being who they are: loving, open hearted, creative, connective.

You already make a difference, you already have a purpose: to live, to love, to laugh, to be . . . YOU!

  • Tonya says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. It makes perfect sense to me, finding your pulse instead of your purpose. Yes, that’s it, find the pulse. Yum, such a good feeling Adela. Thanks for sharing this wisdom.

    • Adela Rubio says:

      It’s all in the feeling, isn’t it Tonya. So much is available in opening to the depths of what’s available in our bodies. I know that you also work in this playground. Thank you for being a part of this vibrant community and sharing your wisdom.

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