Free Your Judgment

If you judge people, you have no time to love them. Mother Theresa

Judgment is the absence of love, not only for the object of your judgment, but yourself. Love, in this instance, is not so much an emotion, but a state of awareness,  a state of being. And when you are in judgment you are not fully you.

Now don't beat yourself up when you find yourself in judgment. Judgment is hard wired into your intellect. It's what enabled the survival of the species, long ago and far away.  We are now at a point in our inner evolution where judgment points to a more extraordinary adventure.

The next time you encounter judgment on your pathway try this…

  1. Honor the person or circumstance that is serving as the trigger for awareness.
  2. Drop below the surface judgment to the very core of  the possibility wanting to be.
  3. Welcome back the evolved aspect of you seeking expression.
  4. Articulate your knowing through speaking, writing or being in silence with it.

Judgment is a portal for the transmutation of energy. It is an invitation to seal the illusion of separation. It provides an opportunity for you to own the power of your being and partner with life to evolve the new.

Image: Free Daddy and His Little Shadow Girls at the Skate Park, Pink Sherbet

Listen to the audio…

Conscious Energy Shift (8m)

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