Free Your Mind – Beyond Enlightenment

I did the Intensive Satsang with Dolano, Radical Zen Master, in the Summer of 2003 in Pune, India. It turned my life upside down, inside out and kicked me . . . OUT of the BOX. There’s no way back in folks.

She has several videos on Youtube. This one gives you a really good taste.

To my delight, there’s even more beyond enlightenment, and it is unimaginably delicious. The Adventure of Life truly

  • playful says:

    Hello everyone,

    All of Dolano’s tapes are now available online.

    They have been cut into tracks, one for each question. So if you want to listen to (or send someone) a track about fear or relationships, you can go straight there. You can also download each tape as one zip file with all the tracks.

    Here’s the place:

    Love & Smiles

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