How the Recession is Good News for Your Business

One of the elements of Self Care is designing a life that supports you. Having my own business has certainly given me the freedom and satisfaction of doing what I love, while at the same time creating results for others and an income aligned with my values. I am a former corporate escapee who used to manage technology for a NYC law firm.

It’s taken me over 10 years to get here. I’ve taking plenty of courses and trainings too. I would have really appreciated someone who could have provided me with the experience and know how to get there in a streamlined way.

If you’ve been a well kept secret up till now, you have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of someone who has created exceptional branding and platform for thousands of holistic solopreneurs and practitioners

Here are some excerpts from Suzanne’s call:

  • Use the recession as a real opportunity to jumpstart your business and go into a space of inspiration rather than breakdown.
  • We actually created the recession out of our consciousness and out of our need to get regrounded and move to the next level and go deeper into our spiritual purpose.  The recession is showing up as an extremely great opportunity.
  • People really want to start buying from people they know and trust.  Small business as opposed to big corporate clunky overblown business.
  • Your ability to get on the web and build something bigger and build something more dynamic and use this opportunity of shifting in energy and shifting in economy to kind of jumpstart what you’re doing or even start what you’re doing is vast.  It’s a place you, the individual, can hold forth and be heard.  It’s a place where you can find your people.
  • I help you package your online presence to attract media.  I talk about platform building which is the thing you stand for in the market. I’m basically serving as your translator to help you package this thing so you too can attract a larger audience, more money, potential media, speaking gigs, etc.

And . . . there was so much more info on the call. Finally …. create the business of your dreams that will not only reward you financially, but create a new world. Your platform is seeking you, why not step out and say YES today! Position your dreams for success. Partner with someone who knows your way of doing business, with integrity, in spiritual alignment and providing immense value. The world needs your work now!

If you are a holistic solopreneur or practitioner Suzanne’s blend of business experience and highly aware energy, might be a perfect mix for you.

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