Launch 2010 Consciously

Energy Body IIFor the last two years, I have lead a 30-day program to launch the year powerfully.

2010 feels like a Tsunami Energy Year and I am inviting you to join a conscious tribe of transformationalists and collectively launch the year passionately and purposefully.

Ever worked with energy, law of attraction, affirmations or any other modality that accesses the boundless energy of the universe and struggled to make it work?

Conscious Energy Shifts alter physical reality. If not, it was just a nice trip. The kind of thing that happens when you do a weekend workshop and everything is fantastic and yet you can't sustain the energy, vision and possibility when you get back home. Can you relate? I know I can. Been there, done that.
Here's what I've done to bring the energy of potential into my physical reality:
1. Look for evidence of the energy shift in your world. Be like an investigator -whether it's Colombo or
Clouseau – and see the signs all around you.
2. Share your experience. There is power in naming your imaginings, your vision, your potential. Naming has been an act of power for millennia.
3. Connect to a conscious tribe. There's nothing like collective energy to ripple reality powerfully. Plus, to launch your big vision you need a tribe!
4. Suspend disbelief. It's a standard for performers, it will serve you well in mastering your energy. Many of
the things that are proven facts today were once a dreamer's imagining or a madman's theory.
Reality is flexible. How about you?

The program runs Dec 28 – Jan 27, 9am to 9:15am ET. Register today at

    My wave is strong fast and free
    Carrying the essence of me on beyond
    Decade dancing delightfully
    Sparkling freedom is here to stay.
    And powerful ripples presence in purity
    My path dappled and dotted
    With magnificent treasures rolled
    Rapturously encased in the
    Chrysalis of time, no time but sublime
    Passages beyond the curtained filigree of
    Life bearing bold steps into the mist and magic
    Unrolling through trees of green and skies
    Of blue, mountain tops snow capped deep
    I am no longer asleep and leap
    Over carrying my tribe, not now afraid
    Clarity clarions my trumpet.
    Hiding no more as I score again and again
    No pain now as the vision draws near.
    Do you hear the distant knell of my
    Vibrating bell which chimes in time
    And my heart sings softly sending
    Pulses perfectly before me for all
    To sense and see and as I am more
    They implore my guidance and
    Together we music sweet tones of love
    Celebrating life and living.
    Magnificence is our tune.

    Rosemary 31.12.09

  • Mollie says:

    Adela, What a glorious gift! What a beautiful and scrumptious way to start the day! Connected and Uplifted, Expanded…just a few of your Sparkly Words/Ideas! High Energy Blessings to you, Dear One!

    • Adela Rubio says:


      It was so great to hear your voice and feel the bubbling energy of your being. Thanks for adding your essence to this adventure and bringing light and joy to the adventure.

      Much love!

  • Renee Barnow says:

    This morning was my first joining in 30-day experiences and while standing and breathing in/out regained the feeling of glory I had last night as I was writing about gifts from 2009 of which one was connecting with you Adela.
    And now there is the beginning of connecting with so many more.
    Vast appreciation and huge hugs for the opportunity.

    • Adela Rubio says:


      Thanks so much for being part of this adventure. The quality of energy and caliber of intention in this group is staggering. I am honored to lead the shifts and to be a part of this brilliant community. Immense appreciation for your presence and passion.

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