Light Lurks in the Shadows


Seeking for answers outside of yourself only serves to delay the true adventure of self awareness.

It also diminishes your discernment and your power to shift your perception, which ultimately affects how you view the world.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Joseph Campbell

If the inner terrain is unfamiliar territory it can be disconcerting to navigate. Yet this inner darkness is laden with treasures yet undiscovered.

As you bring the light of your awareness into focus, it unearths what's true about the very essence of your luminous nature.

The most difficult choice is to enter the unfamiliar depths and surrender to the immensity of your Essence.

There is SO much of you yearning to be. In this inner chasm of potential, the light you bring helps spark the new into being.

Image: Hypnos and Thanatos, Anna Lazaro

Listen to the audio. (11m)


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