Paradox is a Portal to Possibility

When you witness an event or encounter evidence that doesn't make sense do you surrender your resolve or  stretch beyond the boundaries of reason and engage the opportunity to shift your current point of view?

Life often presents you with paradox.  In a world  where things are seldom as they appear,  these cosmic rifts are divine opportunities that propel you beyond your understanding and deliver radical shifts of being.

Paradox reveals a kind of truth which at first seems contradictory. What if it illustrates your true nature beyond ‘this’ or ‘that’ into this AND that. What if paradox is the inevitable inquiry of trying to experience the limitless through limited perception?  What if paradox is a tool to experience ‘what's true'?

“Though the eye is small, the soul which sees through it is greater and vaster than all the things which it perceives. In fact, it is so great that it includes all objects, however large or numerous, within itself. For it is not so much that you are within the cosmos as that the cosmos is within you.” ~ Ivy O. Duce

Take a deep breath and inhale the paradoxical nature of here and now…

1. Paradox can lead you into an experience of enlightenment. It invokes insights and understanding wherein you find a way to remain awake and engaged. You are able to reconcile, and even redeem, the inevitable contradictions and setbacks of life, and experience profound peace, boundless joy and limitless love.

2. Paradox is the dynamite that blasts old paradigm ways of thinking and being. It is the cosmic mushroom cloud obliterating surface reality and creating deep chasms of conscious inclusiveness. Think of paradox as an exclusive club, where you leave all assumptions at the door, dressed in living raiments of superconnective clarity, transcendent wisdom and luscious levity.

3. Paradox lives beyond the apparent laws of nature, beyond the theories of certainty and absolutism. It is an invitation to  imbibe the alivening essence of chaos and disorder and weave the synchronistic rhythm of apparent polarity. It transcends the entanglements of past and future, time and space, and pulsates in the ever present now.

4. Paradox soars beyond logic. It climbs past reason into unbounded freedom. It captures your being, illuminates your essence and enticingly pulls you into its embrace. Feel how your knowing stretches beyond the perimeter of your experience as you fully immerse yourself in the paradox of now.

Your awareness will take a quantum leap when you open to paradox as a powerful pathway to your expanded potential. As you welcome paradox,  it will beckon you beyond the playing field of certainty and into the cosmic cauldron of wonder and possibility. Here,  your evolutionary nature will be revealed, as well as your co-creative partnership with Life. And so it is.

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Brought to you by Adela Rubio, Visionary Mentor and Coach.

  • Thank you, Adela, mistress of the sparkly realms… so happy our paths crossed. xo

  • Angela says:

    I echo ahhh.

    I will listen to the call later. That paradox is calling me now to attend to life’s necessities. I accept and acknowledge life’s intentional call also.

  • Alisha says:

    Ahhh—possibilities abound

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