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Thanks for joining us for this deep dive to explore the inner and outer aspects of self care. You'll get practical  self care tips to transform your life from the inside out and lots of opportunities to practice and get support.

[Why 30 days? It’s a time tested format to effect change. I've hosted 12 of these events and attest to the power of an aligned community to effect movement in your world.]

Here's How It Works

Here's the format for the 30-Day Self Care Jumpstart:

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  • Weekday Messages: Dec 23 – Feb 2, you'll receive an email message to explore some inner/outer aspect of self care.
  • Weekday Calls: Jan 4 – Jan 29, 8:30am ET, guided experience of the self care message. You can check in with insights or feedback. Calls are 15 minutes. (Want to connect before the call? Show up at 8:25 am ET)
  • Members Replay Page: Access recordings and resources during the Event at no charge. See below.
  • Online Community: Join this wonderful community on Facebook at Evolutionary Adventurers
  • Bonus Playshop: 60-minute co-creative session to support you on your Self Care adventure.


Event Recordings and Resources

Introduction: Do You Feel the Call to Begin Again?

Do You Need a Self Care Tune Up?

Day 1: How to Get Started (When You Don't Know Where You're Going)
Exercise: Find Your Inner Pulse
Experience: Pick a Pathway

Day 2: What Do To With All Those Labels: Love Them or Let Them Go
Warmup Call #1: Who Am I and Find Your Pathway Experiences


Day 3: The One Thing to Bring on Your Self Care Adventure
Exercise: Get/Create a Self Care Journal
Resource: 4 Ways That the Power of Handwriting in Your Journal Impacts Your Brain.

Day 4: How to Use the Power of Ritual on Your Self Care Adventure
Exercise: Create Your Own Self Care Ritual

Day 5: How to Connect to Your Inner Wisdom Instantly
Exercise: Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

Day 6: How to Wrap Up the Year and Craft Your Guiding Vision
Warmup Call #2: Glean the Gifts of 2015 and Craft Your 2016 Adventure


Day 7: It's a Wrap: Let's Release the Old Year and Invite the New
Exercise: 3 Writing Exercises to release the old year and welcome the new year

Day 8: The Difference Between Your Goals and Intentions
Exercise: Download Self Care Mastery Jumpstart Checklist (PDF)

Day 9: Self Care Tool: The Wheel of Life
Exercise: Download the Wheel of Life worksheet


Day 10. 30 Simple Self Care Practices to Flex Your Self Care Muscle

Exercise: Use the 30 suggested self care practices as a menu during our time together. Pick 1-2 go to self care practices, or experiment with different ones throughout the 30 days.


Day 11. How to Shift Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Self Care.
Exercise: How to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs



Day 12. 7 Ways to Nourish Your Sense of Self
Exploration: Experience Your Sense of Self


Day 13. How to Create Your New Story

Day 14. How to Increase Your Energy with the 3 Primary Nutrients
Exercise: Enhance Your Physical Energy Sources



Day 15. 10 Things to Lift You Up When You're Feeling Down


Day 16. 7 Ways to Train Your Brain for Gratitude



Day 17. 10 Ways to Add Movement to Your Day



Day 18. How To Tap Into the Power of Touch


Day 19. 7 Ways To Make Your Space Feel Like Home Sweet Home


Day 20. How to Shift Your Money Story

Exercises: 4 Practices to Shift Your Money Story

Day 21. 12 Ways to Love Your Body (in 5 Minutes or Less)


Day 22. 3 Ways to Move Through Self Forgiveness


Day 23. How to Harness the Power of Challenging Emotions


Day 24. Why You Need to Unplug From Technology (and How To Do It)


Day 25. 7 Reasons to Unleash Your Inner Artist


Day 26. 10 Signs You're in a Toxic Relationship


Day 27. 7 Gifts of Creatively Conscious Community


Day 28. 5 Reasons Nature is Good For You


Day 29. What to Do When Things Fall Apart

Day 30. How to Embrace the Magic of Endings and Beginnings

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We'll gather for a longer exploration of the self care playground. Bring your journal (or writing materials, long hand is best) and willingness to explore. I'll lead you through the dance and there'll be an opportunity to share and get support on your self care adventure.

Listen to the replay …

Resources mentioned on the call:

The Biggest Mistakes Healers, Coaches and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs Make with Money and How to Avoid Them with Heather Dominick

Discover the secret to creating a healthy relationship with money, one free from fear and doubt that will help you confidently trust that you will always have enough. Heather will also describe how she successfully tripled her business and income three years in a row. Heather Dominick, EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur Success and Master Coach.

Opening to Receive with Sanaya Roman
Open to receive whatever you want or even better. (You can download this meditation and many others from her site.)


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