Projection Outsources Your Power

Ever had one of those days when it seems like you've been singled out for one challenge after another?

You know you're resilient and you've weathered many a rough sea, but this feels like you're being pommeled by a battering ram.

At times like these it might look like your resources are limited and it can be difficult to see your way through to the other side. It might even send you into a session of the blame game.

Who or what you blame for the situation isn't really important, the key is to notice that you've outsourced your power to choose your response, and consequently, your experience.

Here's what you do the next time outside forces seem to rule the day:

1. Link up and synch up. Don't take this as an opportunity to check out. You are not alone, even though it may seem to be the case in these moments. Drop into the core of your being – breath, relax and expand – and feel your connection to your inner being and All That Is (whatever you consider that to be). You are a child of the Universe, no less than the sun and the stars, and life partners with you always, in all ways.

2. Claim your authority. Pointing the finger to outer sources as the cause of your condition, or state of being, is a habit. It can easily be shifted with your attention. See this as an invitation to claim your power and lift into your lightness.

3. Partner with someone who sees your light. Sometimes you can't shift this stuff by yourself. Ask for help. It's not a sign of weakness to know that you need support. It's actually an acknowledgement of your connective nature. Notice how easy it is to meditate with others. Your energy will shift instantly when you partner with others on an aligned intention.

Projection outsources your power, and it's a call for you to own your innate light. Taking responsibility for it is the only way to move it and it's a process and a moment by moment thing at times. Lightness coupled with awareness is essential. In no time at all, you'll come through the experience with a greater sense of your true self.

Image: Vanishing, Alice Popkorn

  • Debra Jason says:

    Adela, Sometimes the best way for me to “drop into the core of your being” is to get outside – take a walk (be it in nature or just around the block). Last week, as I walked around the neighborhood, 5 deer stepped out in front me. I thought one was going to walk right up to me. It’s hard to “check out” when Mother Nature presents you with such a gift.
    Thanks. ~Debra

  • Yes Adela, it’s much easier to use your emotion as an energy blast rather than trying to decipher every situation. Be grateful for every person & situation that has given you the opportunity to feel at such great depths. It allows you to get closer & closer to your soul to emerge your essence once and for all – powerfully and brilliantly.

    Your awareness is magnificent and a great gift to others. ‘Kick the habit’ and get out of the ‘E’ motion (outward influence) and Rock the ‘Motion’ – your groove! Cool, cool.

    • Adela says:

      Paula, thanks for pointing out the gratitude piece. It instantly shifts your energy and allows for a more expanded perspective. And that’s all it takes to wake up just a little bit more to who you really are.

  • Alisha says:

    Ahhh, my True Self—when I project I forget that I’m whole and complete—-thanks for bringing on home yet again Adela.

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