Self Care Mastery Bonus

The clock is ticking, do you hear it? Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick . . . The months and years zoom by. Time IS of the essence. What are you doing with yours?

  • Caretaking of children, grandchildren or elders
  • Juggling your finances
  • Getting a handle on your emotions
  • Navigating health issues
  • Building your own business

Do you take the same care of yourself that you do of others? There will always be problems AND things to do. However, unless you take care of yourself you will not be fully equipped to handle the pace of your life powerfully and responsibly.

The answers you seek aren't out there. They reside within you. Unless you nourish the source of your renewal – your own being – you will always look for the next diet, gadget, guru or gimmick. Self nourishment is what brings outer nourishment.

Want to reclaim your essential self? Get the Self Care Mastery Jumpstart Kit. I'll share the secret to self care and you'll be able to pinpoint where your self care is falling short and what you can do about it right away.

Take Great Care,


Adela Rubio,
Conscious Catalyst, Evolutionary Coach, and Visionary Leader

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