The Adventure of Awakening

The Adventure of Awakening is often undertaken when you serendipitously experience moments of transcendent connection and clarity. These events give rise to a feeling of abundant joy and inner certainty. Chances are that you embark on a journey to replicate these experiences and find yourself on a winding road of seeking into the deep chasms of your inner being.

The good news is that you are physically and energetically wired to  access your full potential. You don't need special symbols, sacred space, satsang or singing bowls  to access the power and authority of your true Essence. You've been using your innate powers all along, you just may not have realized the extent of your abilities.

Your awakening is an elixir to savor, relish and enjoy. It is in this experiential adventure that your uniquely creative essence comes alive. You are equipped with everything that you need to tap into the TRUE YOU. Here's one way to explore it:

  1. Feeling is the language of noticing. Open to your feelings, don't judge the surface impressions. Allow yourself to BE with the ENERGY of the feeling, not the definition of an emotion.
  2. Noticing is a gateway to sensing. Allow yourself to observe, just notice. Don't try to hold onto anything. Be like a river and feel yourself as the flow of the current, inevitably and naturally in movement.
  3. Sensing is a vehicle for knowing. Notice what you sense and allow it to ripple to the surface of your awareness. Imagine that you are snorkeling at first and then allow yourself to scuba dive. Go deeper, beyond your initial impressions and allow the knowing to arise from the deepest, most superconnective aspect of you.
  4. Knowing is a bridge to  vibrant potential. Feel, Sense and Know yourself as the interconnective weave of creation. Feel and sense where the arising sparkles most. Be the energy of the potential. Notice how the knowing arises of its own accord and experience the creative energy as it flows easily and effortlessly. It will always propel you into organic movement.

Potential is the alivening spark of creation seeking movement. This dynamically vibrant  being is who you are. In this awakening, you step out of the box  of ‘ordinary fixed reality.' It's a dive off the cliff without  seeing the way you normally would. Rules don't apply here, whether they're rules of science or society. You are outside the  domain of ordinariness, venturing into extraordinariness. 

“You can experience being in two places at once,  and your mind can travel vast distances in an instant. It is just that you need  to trust your own impressions in these experiences. Just because you cannot  experience an event in the normal, visual way does not mean that it does not  exist. Extend your senses or your experiences into a different realm of being.

This new realm is all about being with the instantaneous, and being subtly  connected with everything around you at many different levels. This approach is  a key, a frequency which can help you to unlock your own divinity.” Nick Scott-Ram

A small shift is sometimes all you need to open a portal to possibility. There are always opportunities to experience the power of potential. Ingrained habits and patterns  of personality may surface as rifts in your world. However, they are actually an opening  to  transformation. As you explore the tools of  feeling, sensing and noticing, you will come to KNOW the power and passion of your expanded being.

The awakening adventure makes this  vibrant knowing a reality in your world. This knowing  comes from Being. It is a very different level of awareness than the level of mind, which provides you a limited latitude of presence.  There's very little that you can actually manage there,  just a moving of chess pieces versus changing the game board. The way off the game board is the quickening of your awakening here and now.

FEEL it, SENSE it, BE it! Welcome home.

  • Tomar Levine says:

    Adela –
    Sheila Finkelstein thought I would like you and she’s right. I love your writing and what you choose to write about in your blog. I’m going to continue reading and will dig deeper into your material. You’re inspiring me to write about more spiritual topics that are close to my heart and experience, too. I’d love to connect with you. I believe you’re in NJ and I’m in NYC – for whatever that’s worth.

    I may drop you another line soon.


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