The Engine of Evolution

If you tune into the news you might find your energy going up and down these days. Whether it's the plummeting economy or the upcoming Presidential elections, things are pretty much up in the air. Certainty and security have gone out the window and it seems like everyone and everything is on edge.

Some folks might find that disconcerting, even downright uncomfortable. What if you entertained the possibility of all the coming apart as potential rising? What if it's not about money and power but a disengagement from a system that is no longer working? What if the ‘new currency' is not about money and security but a huge paradigm shift? What if it's about lining up with the value of TRUE?

Navigating change gracefully and consciously is a vital aspect of personal and planetary evolution. Here are some things to consider as you surf the tidal wave of NOW:

1. Unhook from the surface layer of ‘outer reality.' It may look like the economy has taken a nosedive and that corporate America is corrupt and greedy. Aside from the gross generalization, what is REALLY at play here? What ‘out of the matrix' possibility is palpably present? What dream/vision does this give rise to? If you find yourself waxing into the ‘save the planet' sphere don't just brush it off as unrealistic pipe dreams, it is natural to want to share the bounty of life with others. Allow yourself to dive into this pool of vibrant potential wanting to stream through you.

2. Identify the specific potential available for YOU in this moment. What potential is available now because this has come into your awareness? Forget about what the government or Wall Street or anyone else is doing? How about you? What is your play in this potential? No one can give this to you, this is something you alone must find. It is your specific contribution to life. What is TRUE for YOU? It is this very thing that is yours alone to give. It will often be contrary to the matix of collective beliefs. It may be tied into what Lance Secretan, leadership expert, calls a terrathreat – the problems that imperil the planet and the causes that rouse your passion. It will often make you feel uncomfortable and not part of the ‘in crowd.' You will invariably like all great leaders, initially, stand alone.

3. Engage the energy of the potential and let it pull you into being it now! This is not a left brain movement. It's not an action plan or a strategy. You'll find no gantt charts here. It may make no sense. You may find yourself investing in something when everyone else is scaling back. You may be drawn to choices that you would not ordinarily make. Whatever! . . . Allow the energy of potential to guide you into action.

The gap between where you are and where the energy of now is propelling you CAN be engaged powerfully. When things fall apart massively, it's a sign of quantum movement. Life is ready to be dynamiclly engaged and the dissolution of what WAS is a portal to the NEW! Notice how the great movements in history have been preceded by chaos and the disintegration of the predominant systems. What was seemingly ‘bad news' gave rise to new order.

Don't allow the surface layer of reality to dictate the depth of your vision. It is through your BEING the potential of now, moving with certainty and power through the uncharted landscape, that the NEW has the ability to rise through YOU.

And that's how EVERYTHING changes . . . You are the engine of Evolution!

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