The Expression and Exchange of Experience

Seems like no matter where you go someone is freaking out about money. I don't care which part of the social strata you belong to, folks are really feeling squeezed and stressed when it comes to money flow. What if the way to have money is by not going after it, worrying about it, getting frantic and stressing out about it?

What if you just decided to ‘be about your work?' What if you focused on serving the people who need what you offer? What if you looked to give instead of focused on what you need?

I am convinced that the problem with lack  is focusing on the stream of flow that you're not responsible for. You are responsible for creating, serving, being. Life abundantly recompenses your investment of energy in numerous ways. It may not always be money.

“Wealth is an expression of your passion. If you want to get rich are you willing to do what it takes to get rich?” Christopher Howard

Often you might think it's about the money, but it's not. You can clearly see when this is so by the language that you use. For example, “When I make “x” amount of money, I'll be able to “y.” This clearly clues you in to the fact that the money is not what you want, but what the money will give you. How about instead of being so ‘money fixated' you were more ‘experience oriented.'

Ultimately, falling in love with the process, instead of the object, will deliver the substance that you're really longing for. Experience is the calling card of evolution. There is no way to bypass it. Commit to follow the passion that nurtures your being.

Image: The High Priestess, Mitch Barrett

  • Rose Diamond says:

    Here’s a poem I wrote yesterday after the session. It describes my free Cosmic Being and the limitations of my earth being. Right now I feel the two parts of me are not quite connected up, there is a gap or the well spring is clogged and that is frustrating and painful at times. But when I am out there with the Goddess I feel so free and at peace.

    This face of God has been bent out of shape
    it’s not my true face.

    There is a Cosmic Being roaming through the Universe
    swirling with light, the Goddess with her cloak of stars
    riding through the night, sprinkling creative star-dust
    and laughing at the moon.
    Happy and free and beyond all this
    limitation of the earth being
    the ego’s crippling cage
    hair trigger reaction of judgment
    saparation, loss, aging and death.

    Breathe, expand, connect.
    The Goddess is here. Love is now.
    Feel the Oneness blessing.
    Relax, open, be
    it’s Ok, it;s alright
    it is brimming, flowing, rippling, streaming
    Pure Energy
    my true face.


  • Tonya says:

    …and the work that I do at WombShamans is also a labor of love! How could I not have mentioned that!

    As Karen Drucker sings, “God is my source. God is my power. God gives me everything I need. So I give thanks for all my blessings. God gives me everything I need.”


    • Sue says:

      AMEN…AMEN….AMEN, SISTAR (thank you for this new version of the word…a great
      expansion of the meaning)
      Love and hugs to you,

  • Tonya says:

    I heard this message loud and clear! You are so right when you say that we should serve, live the passion of what we love to be and do, (paraphrasing).

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I guess that is one of the reasons why when folks say, “Tonya, you should be charging for people to listen to your interviews, there’s money there.” It just doesn’t feel right.

    What I do, is a labor of love and it is a fact that we are already provided for! I truly give thanks!

    Bless your heart my SiStar!

    • Adela Rubio says:


      The energy exchange shows up in SO many ways. I’m not saying don’t charge money, I’m saying don’t make it ‘about the money,’ because it’s not. It’s the underlying energy that makes the difference.

      Some people give it all away and the energy underlying that is ‘not feeling like it’s (or they’re) good enough.’ There’s nothing ‘more’ about that. Other times you know that the exchange is something other than money. It could be something foundational, something that in showing up will lead you to the next. Check in and know the difference. I know you do, SiStar!

      Much love . . .

  • Susan says:

    from my mailbox this morning; synchronicity EVERYwhere.
    “Take the time to line up the Energy first, and action becomes inconsequential. If you don’t take the time to line up the Energy, if you don’t find the feeling place of what you’re looking for, not enough action in the world will make any difference. ” — Abraham Hicks

    Adela, the light came on when I read your essay…I have been begrudging the process, overwhelmed by it (technology, sales, marketing, but mostly stepping into the unknown). Eye on the goal is one thing, but if I can’t (ahem…choose not to) enjoy the ride…why bother! I learned long ago that in art it truly isn’t the product, but the process. Bottom line here: really believing that All of Life Is the Creative Process!

    • Rose Diamond says:

      Hi Susan
      I’m glad you said this about sometimes begrudging the process. I feel like that too sometimes, it seems to be taking forever just to get to the starting line and sometimes I feel overwhelmed and disheartened or burn myself out with too much work, trying to :make it happen”. Doing the Conscious Energy shifts is really giving me permission to go with the flow and enjoy the flow and to stop judging the process and to trust. For me, so much of what I’m doing is a process of experimentation as I step into the new and its crazy to judge any of it by old standards of success. I’m starting to really get how to allow it all: the joy and expansion, the limitation and frustration, its all part of the flow, its all Ok.
      love Rose

    • Adela Rubio says:


      The process IS the adventure. Once we get ‘there’ it starts all over again. We’re off on the next adventure. Creational beings create! 🙂

  • Angela Barnes says:


    I choose to have fun
    run, laugh, play in the sun
    Penance is done
    I choose FUN

    Scarcity has been done
    I’ve won
    the world doesn’t
    “need my instruction”
    to run

    I can choose to contribute
    play or sit out this one
    I’m not in the game
    unless it’s FUN

    10/8/2006 Angela Barnes


    Let it be
    Set me free
    Just let it be

    I was harboring anger,
    Hurt and frustration
    and Tonight
    I was reminded
    Let it be
    Set me free
    Just let it be

    Remember the Good
    Focus, Care, Share
    maybe Dare

    There’re better ways
    to live, to give, to try
    Just Let It Be

    and I discover ME!

    8/30/06 Angela Barnes
    after watching the Secret

    • Adela Rubio says:

      Your writing has such strength and depth, Angela. Yet this writing embodied the energy of the words with lots of movement and play. Absolutely delightful AND transformative!

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