The Folly of No Decision

Let's flip the assumption equation on it's side.  Is it possible that your non-clarity can contribute to someone else's assumption?

Could it be that part of the problem with assumptions is that the other person is picking up on your fluctuating energy? We're not abdicating personal responsibility here. However, let's explore how we may contribute, albeit unknowingly, to the equation.

When your energy is not clear and open you do not have access to the kind of laser focus required to make a choice. Depending on which stream someone picks up on, they might be ‘right,' then your energy shifts and they are ‘wrong.' The same thing happens with you and other people's energy. Can you see how easy you can fall into the wrong rail, ‘the assumption?'

Two very common fluctuating energy patterns that are often encountered are: “I am confused.” or “I can't make a decision.” Go beyond your initial surface impression and notice . . .

Does the energy feel diffused, like it hasn't gelled yet?

Does it feel dispersed, like it's all spread out?

Are you holding it back, tampering it down?

Do you feel no movement?

Are you limiting the movement?

Are you trying to control the pace of the energy?

Resistance to awakening, limiting your self awareness, can show up in so many different ways.  Not deciding, not choosing your energy, is making a choice. The more that you can tune into the nuances of energy and feel the differences, the quicker you'll access your sensing and your knowing. You will then be at choice!

    RESTRICTIONS prevent vision and decisions.

    Restrictions happen when there is too much going on. Lots of wonderful ideas, inspirations, resources and possibilities come together and the challenge is prioritizing and dealing with it all and being able to select. Choice is not always easy as trying to see which bits are right for you particular jigsaw.
    Movement slows and sometimes almost feels as though it has stopped during these times.
    Having to cope with heavy pressures that are unavoidable and a wow to step upto and over can diminish energy. These are not part of the truth but need addressing. Rising into the higher energy may not be so easy at these times.

    Perceptions may be part of the restrictions but when we open they can float away and we know. Opening to the massive field of energy brings in such blessings as our sensing is beyond the mind in this arena. No longer will the energy feel diffused, dispersed. The holding back is released and movement is felt again. As we let the energy do its thing we are renewed and the liberty rushes through us.
    From this place decisions are replaced by massive knowing and we have new messages and understanding.
    So BE in the energy and feel all of this and let it grow and grow and flow and flow! Yippee!!

  • Renee Barnow says:

    LOL during John’s comment about dancing as during the shift I was dancing wildly in my office, which is more like an atelier w/ sloped ceilings so I meet them during the dance. Loved dancing around. Love partnering w/ all during the dancing.

  • Oh, Adela. You are so speaking to where I am right now. Before I left for vacation I set the times and pages for the next Through and From the Lens Point and Shoot Photo Course I am doing (linked to my name here). I was excited and made one dab at marketing with an announcement in my ezine to hit while I was away. Since then my enthusiasm waned and of course it’s being reflected with no activity coming in.

    Yesterday was going to be THE “all out” day to “clean up” my web page and start getting the word out and I “conveniently” got sick. Now it’s “today” and an important family obligation came up. Of course, with a different mindset, I’d have plenty of time.

    Now to simply shift into positive energy…. Can’t wait for today’s call. Thank you so much for all that you are doing here and in the world.

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