The High Cost of Not Being You

Remember a time when you pretended to be who you were not. Notice what happens when you take on another layer of ‘not you.' It makes your life a LOT more complicated. It takes a lot of energy to keep up the front, doesn't it?

The problem with living with lies, the big ones or the little ones, is the baggage buildup. The web of deceit chokes the life out of your essence and clutters the pathway to your brilliance.

These times of sudden changes and chaotic rumblings, require an economy of energy. You can't afford to use your most precious resources as scaffolding for a fractured experience. Notice that these roles and habits do not contribute to your wholeness, on the contrary they shatter your connection to the source of your well being.

The good news is that every time you are willing to surrender your thoughts, feelings and perceptions on the altar of what's true, the gift is always crystal clear awareness.  And in awareness you are home, whole, boundless, and free… right now.

  • Susan says:

    And I, Sus am one of them. My hiding has been quite literal, even of late. But Halleluiah…we are AWARE and it is all coming up for feedom. Be gentle…but firm:)

  • nancy Be says:

    This is a powerful expression that I KNOW speaks to many who have been in hiding with you. I salute your courage in this posting . It is just right…

    namaste dear sister..

  • I come up with an awareness that I have always been myself.
    But I hid.
    I shed my colours.
    I hid, knowing that I stood out.
    Knowing that I was different.
    Knowing that I knew, and felt, and saw what shouldn’t be known, felt, and seen.
    I hid in order not to offend or disturb anyone.
    And my coat became a home-less humble being, aching for community.
    I have courage to know now that if I just fully Am my essence, there will be no confusion.
    The Light will inspire.
    I Am Light.
    I Am.

    • Britt Nielsen says:

      This is a beautiful expression of you, Sus. We want to know and see YOU however you are.

      whether red, purple or blue
      we want to see you
      whether straight or bent
      calm or turbulent
      (in the) dark or (in the) light
      it’s ALL right
      leave behind the opaque haze
      welcome new transparent days

      with love,

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