The Timeless Zone

Have you noticed that depending on your level of energy engagement time expands or compresses, maybe both?

I was recently asked by one of my colleagues how I managed to do so much all by myself. She was referring to the telesummit events I host. I checked in and in truth some of it has already been integrated so that it's pretty easy and automatic – from honing in on and approaching speakers to setting up the opt-in page, the offer letter, products and autoresponders.

However, I have the capacity to get a lot done in a very short amount of time. The current telesummit has taken me two weeks to put together.

When you've got something to do, and the energy is aligned, that means the people, places and things are available and accessible right now. That goes for you too. Abilities and capacities show up to get the job done that you may not have realized were so fully within your grasp. You are in full hyper-creational activation. Time expands and compresses and you are in a zone of full engagement. Your energy pours abundantly and magic happens. All of a sudden you stop, spent AND energized, and notice that you are done.

Don't assume that the old rules apply anymore. They don't! Time is true within a certain context. But ah, the timeless is a totally different paradigm. Yeah, the Timeless Zone, bring it on!

  • nancyB says:

    I find that if I stay present in the “NOW” I loose track of the time and the moments blend into each other. Even when I am doing housework, office work or other necessary activities, I find that concentrating on the “task” rather than on the length of time makes those life-activities fly by quickly. Letting go of the boundaries imposed by minutes ticking away has, for me, been a release into creative bliss. I do not wear a watch and the clocks in my studio seem to be incapable of tracking the time correctly. If I have to be somewhere “on time”, I use other means to make sure I arrive. Throughout the day, my body tells me of her needs, the dogs let me know it is time for a break to the outside and my husband’s footsteps in the hall tell me that it is time to return to the reali world . Otherwise, I choose not to be leashed by the pressure of time ,of “how long until” ,or “how long does it take?” . In my glasswork, question # 2 is usually “how long does it take to make this?”. I am often not able to answer as I truly do not know. Each piece takes as long as it takes . ( In truth, whatever we do takes as long as it takes! ) Once I loose myself in the creation, in the process, in the work itself, the reality of time passing disappears. The Muse tells me when it is “done” .

    I echo the thoughts expressed by others : Adela speaks what is in my head.. WOW! I am so very grateful that I said
    YES to the invitation for this incredible 30days gathering. The morning meditation/gathering set my day.

    namaste dear friends.nb

  • Rose Diamond says:

    Hi Adela
    Thank you so much for the call today and for all the other days! Two things struck me today. One is, today particularly I felt such love from your energy and from the community. I often feel when I listen to you that I am listening to my own Higher Self and there’s a feeling of awe that goes with that, that sense of how interconnected we all are. You have a great gift to be the vehicle for these messages and energy that are coming through, Adela. It takes a lot to hold that energy every day, you are a great role model for me. Thank you.

    As well, I was struck when you said this New Year time is a time of movement between completion and launching. This makes such sense to me as I am sitting in the tender new place, one day I am in the launching energy, the next day I want to retreat and hibernate and be with myself alone. I have been on the call every day so far although I am mostly quiet. Sometimes I have to push myself to join at 9am because there is part of me resisting the shift but I know it is important for me to join everyday and push through my resistance, let the shifts happen.

    So this is to say thank you again, and you are very special and I love being part of this community you have created. And thank you to everyone who turns up with their openness and loving energy.

    with love


  • Sue says:

    Oh, yeah, baby! Being in the Timeless Zone is so fun and exhilarating. When I’m there, there’s
    no other place to be. But sometimes I forget who I am, what I’m about and am confronted with the wall Susan speaks about.For me, the trick is to keep looking in the mirror and seeing folks like
    you who keep reminding me of Who I Am! That way, I can keep staying longer in the Timeless. Yay!
    Thank you for being a wonderful, shiny, reflective mirror!

  • Susan says:

    Adela…I want some of that! I get psyched up and then the garage door slams shut (fear???). I see no light, only a wall, not even the next baby step. arghhhhhh Know this is whiney, but it’s honest. S

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