What Message Moves You?

Are you crystal clear on the message that moves you? If you look at the problems in the world, that you really care about, chances are that you'll find at least ONE that you're passionate enough about and willing to take action on.

Perhaps you don't see yourself as a Mother Theresa or a Martin Luther King, but I can assure you that you DO have a movement. There IS something that wants to come through you uniquely and it won't get done by anyone else but YOU. Your circle of influence may be your family, community or world stage, but you do have an impact.

No pressure intended, but the truth is that when you feel an urge to flow, to create, to lead it is because you are equipped to do so. You wouldn't get the vision, the idea, the longing if it weren't so.

How do you know if you've tapped into your message?

1. There is an unending stream of hyper-creativity. You can't capture the multitude of ideas that are streaming through you simultaneously. Many mistakenly believe that they are scattered and unfocused. In truth, hyper-creation is an indication of a mega-movement. It means that you need the collaboration of others to bring it into being.

2. You experience sustained states of extraordinarily high energy. You accomplish a lot,  caught in the embrace of timelessness, and still feel buoyantly energetic. You feel like a renewable energy source. Your sleep cycle shortens or is erratic.

3. It is a living message. There is a dynamic feel to it, it is a co-creative adventure. It evolves as you begin to put it into play. There is a newness to it. The promise of something that has never been before.

4. It is magnetic and irresistible. You can't NOT do it. You won't even consider it. Others may wonder at your persistence, but it's really that the energy of the message is compelling. It fills your being, overtakes your waking moments, and even your dreams. It can almost feel like you are possessed by it.

5. Your life is abundant. Whether it's money to acquire the means to grow your vision or the resources aligning just as you need them, everything that you need comes your way as if guided by an unseen hand. You feel supported by life and eager to share the message with everyone that wants to hear.

More often than not, it is the habitual tendency to wait for the ‘right' moment or until  you are ‘ready' that creates a barrier to manifesting your movement. The putting off of your power may indicate an underlying need to be safe, rather than risk being wrong. Make no mistake about it, people will make you wrong when you have a strong message and a vibrant movement. It just won't matter!

If your message does not totally take you over, consider that you may have settled for the surface of what's possible. Choose again. Tap into your passion and purpose. Bring your vision to Life.

  • Sue says:

    Oh, Adela…you have been reading my mail! Thanks
    for freeing me from the idea that my A.D.D-like
    behavior is not okay….multi-streaming…I love it!
    Thank you SO.O.O.O.O.O much.

    What blesses one, blesses all,
    Sue (in Nashville)

  • Susan says:

    Thank you, each and every one of you. You have called me by name. You have SEEN me. Your individual acknowledgement has done as much for me as the energy shifts themselves. I can no longer hide. You see me. You are on to me. You support me and in that support there is accountability. There is courage. There is power. And yes there is pride. I stand taller today because of each of you.
    I love you, Susan

    • Dear Susan,
      I am so happy for you! I connected deeply with your emotions, and you have been with me since I first heard you talk about your brother. Your courage to reach out and share is astounding and full of purity and light. You have brought so much love and compassion to this wonderful group, and to feel you heal in your grief is a priviledge. You really are so brilliant and strong! Thank you!
      With Love,

  • Hello Beautiful People!

    I missed the call today. I was finally having a meeting with a website designer, a former client, no less (who knows first hand what it means to work with me)!

    I am about to listen to to the replay, but decided to comment here first.

    I am not sure why, but I have had dense, hard blockage related to showing myself in writing, so right now, I will just share with you all, I am clearing. I found this narrow passage, this tiny crack in the blockage, and I am going for it, feeling the passageway expand, even as I write. The blockage is calmly, gracefully dissipating in a light green mist, rising up and out, leaving my being. I am honoring it, waving good-bye, with a smile. I am writing! About myself! In public! Ha-haaa!

    Again and again: Thank you all so much for all this wonderful transformation, which is happening to all of us.

    Thank you, Adela, for being so attuned, and sharing your light, your energy, and your loving wisdom, and creating this collective transformation!

    Now onto my comment to the blog:

    “Oh So that’s what’s going on with me!”

    Once again, I find myself, while reading through Adela’s eloquently listed “symptoms”, yelling, “Yes! That’s me!”

    Adela, thank you for explaining that I am not scattered. I did finally feel very tired yesterday after going on very little sleep for a few weeks, simply because I could not stop.

    I have never before felt this kind of momentum! Am I snorkeling or scubadiving when it comes to my message? Well at least I am below the surface and going deeper.

    With Peace, and Love, and Light!


    • Susan says:

      Sus, I could feel the green mist dissapate with you. As Adela said, this stuff is REAL. And it’s getting ‘realer’ as we move together. Isn’t it funny that you would feel free to speak but not write. It makes so clear that our blockages come not from truth, but from some story we made up about something that once happened to us and we just kept feeding the story and attracting reasons why it was true. But when we (you) have the courage to question the story and bring it into the light of day in the safety of loving community…whew! it evaporates into beautiful green mist.
      Thank you, sweet Sus, for your courage.
      Love, Susan

  • Sigrid says:

    …hmmmm, pushed..yes I think I need that too. Even thou I was “pushed” last December when I lost my job. And it felt so good and still does even if I still don’t have any income. Thank you Susan.

    Adela, I love the shift of today ( I love them all). you know, there all lot of new things I am learning from you and there are a lot of things I know for years, but never practiced them. I knew them, I knew that their were right, but yet, I never acted upon them.

    Today, after the call, when the energy slowly settled/grounded there was this aha-moment, that click that put it all into place: CONNECTION. You really do walk your talk as connector. You connective energy embraces us and work it’s miracles. Even if you do know what you want in life and even if you do know what your heart desires, you can’t live it if your are not fully connected to it.
    I love it and I love you. Thank you so much. I honor the connector in you. And I love and support everyone of my 9 o’clock tribe.

  • Alisha says:

    Adela like Susan I need a kick in the pants to get moving and I can feel myself compelled to take baby steps, which is actually huge for me, toward birthing my gifts. Loved what you said about the number “3”- I was born on the third and in the past cursed that date- now I have a different perspective and could feel the shift this morning. Thank you and everyone SO MUCH!

  • Kristine Graham says:

    Dearest All…
    This is the first time I am sharing…I did not manage to speak up in time on the call this AM…so I am sharing here as an expression of connection..without going into story I am willing to open and embrace the discomfort in my life as well as the delicious feelings of superconnection…it feels very true that as this energy moves and shifts discomfort can and will show up…I notice how clever I am to create chaos on the eve of some wonderful breakthrough. My message is coming, in fact I know it is here…and I will find ways to share and get out of my own way. I look forward to learning about the ‘cafe’ and how to connect with this lovely community. I am also a photographer (probably the only one on the planet without a website) and that is one of the ways I hope to expand to spread my message. Thank you to all who shared…many blessings to you all
    Kristine in The Bahamas

  • nancyB says:

    SUSAN: consider yourself PUSHED… Eagles nest on cliff edges . At some point, the babies are pushed out of the nest into air currents that will support them until they know for themselves that they can FLY! Even when you “know” that you are ready for the next step, it is still scary to put yourself “out there”. Name “IT” Your circle is already sending whatever support you need to FLY!

    namaste dear sisSTAR
    Barryglasseworks.com on Facebook

  • Susan says:

    I am standing on the edges of it. Have been for a year. Kick me in the pants; push me off the high dive beloved circle members…

    • Kristine Graham says:

      Love to you Susan you are a beautiful soul and I am blessed to have crossed paths with you, may you soar in infinite ways , and allow the soaring to show up how it will…maybe sometimes it is high flying and maybe others it is a more restful soaring internally…Be kind to you….with love…Kristine

  • Thank you dearest, Adela. Did you write this for me? 🙂

  • I feel all this so much, am full of boundless energy but for me it is which stream should I follow as to follow all becomes too unweildy for me. finding the perfect path for me has been a challenge but I keep up and out there working towards whatever feels best and whichever current pulls most strongly…I am swimming ahead until I know it! Enthusiasm was always my strength and with inner knowing and new eyes, wisdom and extended sensing I trust! I love the adventure and know that I and the Universe are more for it….we ALL are. I travel on in love for everyone and LIFE!

  • Tonya says:

    How refreshing to read this topic this morning. Just last night, I was thinking that I was doing too many things! LOL Yet, they all work together, pieces of the larger puzzle of the work that I love doing…empowering women to re-member the truth of who they are in this lifetime…embracing the Diva Within, the WombShaman, the Medicine Woman. Thank you for this message. Now I don’t feel so crazy LOL

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