What’s Your True Value?

If you're having trouble in your business, in your job, or in your relationships with the return on your energy investment you might want to explore where you stand with your true value. What shows up in how others perceive you and what you bring to the game is directly related to how ‘you' see yourself. This energy exchange is as palpable as your heartbeat.

Now I know it may be tempting to tap into a ‘stream of self esteem' but I'm inviting you to a more exciting adventure than that. Let's go beyond the banks of striving and pulse the power of your true value.

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Boundless Being Exercise

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Breathe, Relax and Expand until you are as a big as earth, reaching the furthest reaches of the known galaxy. Feel the edge and allow yourself to expand into the unknown.
  3. Breathe, Relax and Expand inwardly. Feel a drop into the deliciousness of the infinite stillness of your inner landscape. Feel the fullness of your connection to your Boundless Being.
  4. Dive into the depths of your deep eternal inner. Feel your Essence seeping into every cell in your body, saturating the microcosmic infrastructure of you with what's True.
  5. Who appears? Notice the nuances of character, personality, values and gifts. Who is this Being that arises, like Venus from the frothy ocean, fully formed for play?
  6. Experience this wondrous being and then write down the dominant qualities and characteristics of this being.
  7. Include this in your daily practice until you are crystal clear and fully infused with the Essence of your Boundless Being.

Bring that being to your work, to your business, to your relationships! Notice how a new world materializes before your very eyes.

  • You'll say things differently, the tone of your voice will shift, there will be words that will become ‘your words.'  Words that open you, that excite you, that solidify what's true about you.
  • You'll relate to people differently. You'll no longer see yourself at the effect of your boss, your spouse or your own self imposed business rules. Your expectations will be unleashed.
  • You'll know unrepressed freedom. Your experiences will be fresh and dynamic. You'll feel open AND eager to take responsibility for the things you truly care for, the things that you're a steward for.

Accessing your true value re-engineers your body, re-orchestrates your world and forms the texture of a new you.

  • nancy Be says:

    for women everywhere:

    “something snapped inside of her. ‘ENOUGH ALREADY!’ she screamed. it’s time for women everywhere to claim their worth, their value, their beauty, their sacredness. no more of this believing the darkness that’s been thrust upon them. no more taking the blame for the sins of others. no more claiming themselves failures when in fact, they are survivors. it’s time for women to stop. turn around. face those people who have hurt, harmed, and wounded and let them know that they refuse to be destroyed. they refuse to carry the burden. it’s time for women everywhere to claim their power, their beauty and their right to shine. it’s time for women everywhere to place the palms of their hands on their wounds, acknowledge the pain and change the world with the lessons gained from that pain. it’s time to move with the wisdom of a survivor and to know your strength. the world is waiting for us. let us step up now and reclaim ourselves, and reclaim the world. ”
    terri st.cloud, bonesigharts,com

    Terri is one of my favorite poets. Her website is worth a visit. She speaks the language of my heart more days than not.

    My value:
    I am Joy, Love, Peace,Energy, Enthusiasm, YES!
    I am able to offer comfort , support, a hug, YES!
    I am smart, knowledgeable in many areas, capable.YES!
    I am GRATEFUL and never shy about expressing it.YES!
    I am over-flowing with excitement about that which is NOW and that which is to come. YES!
    I am a safe refuge . YES!
    I am IN-spired. YES!
    I am Wise in ways of many paths that embrace Life. YES!
    I am eager anticipation. YES!
    I am a Boundless Being of infinite possibility! YES!

    nancy Be

  • John Hlavac says:

    Energy Shift – Day 24 – What’s Your True Value?

    Today’s meditation session (Wed, 1/20/2010) solidified for me that our “breath” truly is our bridge to a boundless being. YES!

    I saw our value include boundless possibilities and boundless potential that sparkles everywhere by connecting energetically.

    My true value is a golden luminescent life that is brilliant everywhere because my boundless being is consciously and collectively connected with others. I am home with this tribe.

    Thank You Adela! Thank You ALL!


    John (from Minnesota)

  • Renee Barnow says:

    During shift Jan 20 from a new place and earlier time zone from previous days. Dark outside when started and emerging into light and desert mountains.

    With friends from college (sorority sisters and community from past)–first time only the 3 of us together since 1967–meeting and merging with new community filled me with more connection than words can describe.

    HUGE {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Connection to the e-power.

  • Shayla says:

    Aqua blue with gold sparkles I could feel the boundless being who is me and who is the infinite infusing the tissues of my body. My fingertips swirl gold glitter on my key board.

    Thank you Adela for helping me to remember this important true-ism.

  • There is gold in them there depths.

  • Alisha says:

    Ah, where this journey is taking us- how glorious and ripe with possibilities and potential. “Make it so, number one.”

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