You Are What You Eat, Think and Feel

My journey with fitness and my body started when I was about nine years old when I came across an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. I remember thinking how utterly perfect the models were and how I longed to look just so!

Well, for a Cuban girl with generous hips and thighs that is a hell of a goal. I remember dieting when I was twelve, drinking those horrendous protein shakes when I was fourteen and so I entered the battle with my body that would ensue through adolescence, pregnancy and most of my adult life.

Well, there is life after beauty magazines. In my journey of trying to figure out this paradox of health and beauty I became a personal trainer, a fitness instructor and holistic nutritionist.

One of the things that puzzled me most was how some clients – given the same training and nutrition recommendations – could not succeed. It was so frustrating, they just couldn’t stick with their nutritional programs. Why did some diets work for certain people and not for others? Why did SO many people have trouble with weight loss?

Why is it so hard to change your body?

Every month you have a new program, book, equipment, gimmick that will change your body. Millions of people join gyms, buy supplements, and order gadgets in the hopes of changing their bodies. Over and over again they are disappointed, discouraged and give up.

Many people earnestly put their all into an exercise or nutritional program and are frustrated when they don't get results. That's because nutrition is not the same for every body. Your nutritional requirements are unique.

You Are What You Eat, Think and Feel

Your food becomes your cells, your blood, your body. It even affects your thinking. Think of a time when you were low on energy and grabbed a cup of coffee, a chocolate bar or something with sugar in it to give you a lift. You don't make bad food choices because you lack will power. You make bad food choices because you are eating food that is not full of ‘life.'

And that's not all. Your body is also impacted by how you think and feel. I remember when I co-owned a World Gym Fitness Center and women would say to me, “I hate my belly! Help me get rid of this.” I'd answer, “No! Don't hate your belly, love it up.” I had discovered that the way I felt and spoke about my body directly impacted my results.

The more I cultivated a loving approach to my body, the better it responded. I had my best body in my 40's, not my 20's. The body IS flexible, and things are not as set in stone as they appear.


Curious yet? If you'd like some support on creating a flexible reality – and tangible results – for your body, fill out the Self Care Mastery Assessment and I'll follow up with a link to my scheduler for a complimentary session.

Step into a life, and body, that is powerful, exciting and totally crafted by you!

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