Your Dreams Shape You

Think back to your childhood dreams, and remember the visions that powered your soul. What did you long for and what longed for you?

Notice the pathway of your life from then to this moment and bring forth all the times, like signposts on a journey to an extraordinary destination, where your inner vision tangibly touched your world.

Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Did every encounter illuminate your vision or did you yield to the barriers that could have shaped your vision?

Every dream, every vision, has its own unique trajectory. Whether your vista is clearly defined or you experience the lethargy of uncertainty, only you can decipher the next step. You won't find a charted pathway, no well defined map, the only reliable  compass is your inner guidance.

When you're gifted with a dream, it's yours to embody. However, the dream is not the most noteworthy occurrence. It is who you become as you bring it into being, that is most magnificent.

Image: Fantasy Forest, Janet Farthing

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Conscious Energy Shift (8m)

Includes New Year's Blessings

  • Kristine Graham says:

    Happy New Year to you all it was a lovely call this morning thank you to all who shared, so many beautiful beings…here was a little something that come through after we hung up today…love to you all…Kristine (Nassau)

    A new Day
    A new Dawn
    A new Invitation
    A new Opportunity
    A new Choice
    A new Possibility
    A new Light
    A new Love
    A new Chance
    A new Moment
    A new Awareness
    A new Energy
    A new sense of Peace
    A new Me
    Thank you.

  • Carol in Nashvill says:

    Here’s my blessing for all of you for 2011:
    May the sun bless you with its light and heat,
    may the moon and stars bless you with their sparkle and mystery.
    May you find love and joy in every moment –
    sometimes tumbling over us like a waterfall,
    sometimes just a sparkling drop, a jewel of water.
    May gratitude flow out of you,
    illuminating your way and drawing in
    ever more of the good and beautiful and true and loving,
    Moment by moment, day by day, all year long.

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