Your Story of 2009

PhotobucketThink back over this past year and imagine that you're a reporter. What were the top news stories of 2009 in your world?

No story is the same to us after a lapse of time; or rather we who read it are no longer the same interpreters. George Eliot

Now think of your top news story in the context of your vision for 2010.

Which experiences shaped you?

What foundational skills did you add to your toolbox?

Which relationships and partnerships added to your vision?

Who have you become because of the challenges?

The story of you is only valuable in its empowering context. Anything else is not in alignment with your creational nature, and consequently, is not true. The more that you live in what's true, the more your true essence arises and life can partner with you in unimaginable ways.

Open to the magic and the mystery of life and watch how it transforms you and expands your world.

  • Thanks for another amazing link in. Wow! What fabulous energy. I feel the breakthrough REALLY wanting to burst! I love the resilience, yes I feel that and the energy of true is now coming through after a year of massive transformation. The challenge feels to be the direction as there are so many areas to play in. I am sure this time together will give more clarity. Thanks to everyone in this wonderful vibrant place which has me zinging.

  • Nidhi says:

    I am listening to the replay in South Africa and I feel the amazing energy and am experiencing the wonder of seeing my energy as it flows and connects with you Adela and with the wonderful people that are sharing on the call and connecting with the All. I feel so privileged to be able to participate and be part of global conscious energy and the wonderment of shining and being all that I can be wherever I am and whenever I want to. My journey for 2009 has been that of transformation and meeting more and more of myself. My vision for 2010 is to let go of all obstacles, spread my golden, vibrant wings and fly so high shining omni-present energy. Blessings, love and light to you all.

    • Adela Rubio says:


      The beauty of your being and intentions saturates your words. Thanks for joining our global energy movement. This feeling of connection is transformative, isn’t it? I am so joyfully honored to be the facilitator for the calls.

      Know that the richness that is experienced is the collective energy of intention of our wondrous cosmic tribe. As you will note, our participants are highly aware, deeply conscious and open hearted people. What a community! Thanks for adding your essence to the potpourri of conscious creation. Much love and peace!

  • Kathleen Kunze says:

    I was thoroughly wowed by today’s call. Adela, your energy was vibing off the charts. It was so palpable. I am so fed by everyone’s comments. Thank you! 2009 for me has been a year of exploration and adventure into who I am with a lot of excavation along the way!!! This is so fantastic to be sliding into 2010 with you all!!!

    • Adela Rubio says:

      Yeah, it was an awesome call, Kathleen.

      I am SO glad you are here with us. You have been on quite a journey yourself: your power unfolding, your knowing unleashing and your essence boundlessly beaming. You have tapped your authentic sparkle, invited your connective edge and found a deeper groove in your knowing. All in all, a great adventure.

      Looking forward to sliding into 2010 with you!

  • Renee Barnow says:

    Another glorious way to enter the day and end the year, only in the chronological sense. So much came into my life in 2009, a year without client income. I am with Sophia on this morning’s call; the space for what came into my life was much more available maybe because I was doing OK without an income. On occasion I pinched myself in amazement about the thrill of thriving, almost as if I had won the lottery.

    Thank you Adela and others.

    • Adela Rubio says:


      Isn’t it ‘true’ that these experiences really highlight ‘what’s true?’ 🙂 You are abundant!

      It’s not about the money or the clients, it’s not about caring for the parents, even. It’s more about knowing – deeply and truly – that you are the source of all that is enduring.

      I have experienced this ‘peace that surpasseth understanding’ also this year, amid the divorce, the aging parents, the ‘not having a home.’ Every time an ‘external reason’ for not being at peace arises I find that a smile perch’s on my face.

      What’s true, my love, is that we are life and it IS good to be on the adventure. So glad to have found you this year, Renee. You are a beautiful blessing, dear friend.

  • Loved the differentiation between “truth” and “true” in our present-and-past days stories. Wonderful, my loves. Looking forward to this time of what is true, what is so… and so much more.

    • Renee Barnow says:

      As Words that Work is my essence, I, too, loved the differentiation. Had gone thru this distinction during the summer and struggled a bit. No longer. Think of true as a verb, which is what I did during the call. To true something is bringing it into alignment. If we are in alignment with our values and essence, we are true.

    • Adela Rubio says:


      My soul went, “Ahhhh” when I heard the melodious sound of your voice. Thank you for adding your delicious essence to our adventure.

      Loved your writing today on, but then I always do. My heart spirals into ever deepening pools of wonder when I read your words. You are an artist with a pen, my love!

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